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Grunge Clothing : Buy the Latest Band T-Shirts Online

Updated on February 3, 2015

Buy Grunge T-Shirts Online

It may have enjoyed its glory years almost 20 years ago but Grunge music is still around.

Fans will know the names of the young groups like Mudhoney, Green River and Mother Love Bone among many others.

There were tragedies along the way and then there were those who simply faded from the scene.

The dress-down fashion may have long gone from the city streets and trendy boutiques but many of the bands are still rockin it out.

The fans are there too and new fans are joining the ranks so you'll be able to find the band t-shirts and other merchandise online.

Nirvana are certainly the iconic band for the whole genre of grunge music and the associated culture. Their landmark album 'Nevermind' set the standard for all others to emulate.

The tragic death of Kurt Cobain at the age of only 27 cemented his place among the list of other musical legends who have died young like Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin and Jim Morrison.

It may have been unfair for every other band to have their musical output compared to just one album. However the song 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' has remained the Grunge anthem for the past two decades. Common symbols on their t-shirts are the vestibule design and the naively drawn 'smiley face' reflecting the pared-down style of Grunge music.

Pearl Jam, however, are more than just a Grunge band as they have become true superstars who nevertheless have rejected the trappings of superstar status. Much like Nirvana even their t-shirts have a 'Stick-man' motive that is basic and downplays their image. For over 20 years now they have produced quality music that always sounds fresh and vital.

After the massive arena-style Rock of their debut album '10' in 1991 they have constantly ploughed their own inimitable furrow. With Eddie Vedder's tremendous vocal range and Stone Gossard and Mike McCready's guitars Pearl Jam have recorded music that has never followed the dictates of fashion or record company demands. They even cancelled a complete summer tour in 1994 because the promoters were overcharging on ticket prices.

From the ashes of Nirvana arose the phoenix of The Foo Fighters who were initially a solo project by Dave Grohl. His multi-talents extended beyond the drums to guitar and lead vocal but a  band soon evolved. Now the group are genuine contenders for the plaudits of one of the best and most popular rock bands on the scene in the past 20 years. They have outgrown their Grunge roots but still retain plenty of that raw guitar sound and punk attitude.

In a similar vein to The Foo Fighters in being hard to define are San Diego's Stone Temple Pilots. Exemplified by the mercurial talents and excessive lifestyle of lead singer Scott Weiland but also defined by the songwriting gifts of bass guitarist Robert DeLeo, they rarely follow a continuous path. Early albums like 'Core' and 'Purple' flowed with that earthy Seattle-type sound but they then evolved into more sophisticated and nuanced territory.

The darkest side of the Grunge sound came from Alice in Chains with their downbeat melodies from the guitar of Jerry Cantrell and morbidly sounding vocal harmonies. The image was sadly enshrined by another rock casualty when lead singer Layne Staley died from a drug overdose. The band split but reformed in 2005 and recorded the excellent 'Black Gives Way to Blue' album in 2009 with William DuVall joining on vocals. Therefore they have continued their track record of mean and moody yet strangely uplifting music.

With the guargantuan vocals of Chris Cornell upfront Soundgarden couldn't fail to get heard and noticed by critics and music-lovers. One of the heaviest Grunge acts around in the 1990s with two tremendous albums in 'Badmotorfinger' and 'Superunknown' they quickly made their mark on the scene. A short-lived but tremendously exciting phenomenon full of inventiveness and boundless energy with a distinctive guitar sound from Kim Thayil.

Many people may not regard The Smashing Pumpkins as a typical Grunge band but there is no doubt that their guitar sound fits the bill.

Fronted by Billy Corgan they have enjoyed success with various styles of music including a darker more Gothic phase in sound and image.

They may cross several genres but for the most part that trademark guitar sound is pure unadulterated Grunge.

The Queens of the Stone Age are another band in a similar vein to The Foo Fighters and The Smashing Pumpkins in that they are hard to categorise. But they too tend to get lumped into the Grunge category despite their experimental endeavours and sometimes eccentric tunes. Their music covers many styles but they undoubtedly have a following among fans of Grunge.

Of course nothing is completely new in the world they say and especially not in the music world. You will usually find the roots of some new phenomenon buried away in the history.

In the case of Grunge it seems that you don't really have to look that far. Some musical genres hark back to the Blues, to Jazz and even to ancient Folk Music and classical compositions. But Grunge can probably owe it's formation to the sound of Neil Young. That raw and primitive guitar sound with it's distorted vibrations and heavy amp decibels is surely attributable to the great legend.

Many would point to his 'Rust Never Sleeps' album in particular as representing the day that Grunge was truly conceived.That album alone planted the seed for a new style of rock music.

It only gestated for around a decade before bursting onto the Seattle scene in the 1980s. Unsurprising therefore that bands like Pearl Jam have paid homage. In their case a whole album 'Mirrorball' recorded in the studio alongside him in 1995 which marked their appreciation of the influence he had on their musical careers.

Maybe fashions have moved on, maybe shabby jeans and loose lumber-jack shirts are no longer de-rigeur items for the young. They weren't that fashionable for very long anyway as it turned out but always comfortable to wear.

No matter as the music never sleeps either and the main bands are still around and still as relevant as ever. Remember though if you buy that t-shirt make sure it hangs loose as the baggier it is the better.



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