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Buy the Latest Nu-Metal Band T-Shirts Online

Updated on March 8, 2014

Buy Nu-Metal Band T-Shirts Online

Not so 'new' anymore but then neither is 'New York' or 'New Mexico' or even 'New Kids on the Block', 'New Labour' or 'The New Avengers' I suppose.

But the best of the old bands of 'Nu-Metal', or 'Alternative Metal' as it has been called, are still around today.

Still as iconically American as burgers and fries and as cool as the beautiful Joanna Lumley's 'Purdie' bobcut.

Skateboards at the ready for plenty of Metal Rap of the Hip-Hop Thrash generation that Limp Bizkit represented.

Their fantastic interpretation of the 'Mission Impossible' theme tune, 'Take a Look Around' went down an absolute storm in 2000.

Applying a metal riff to the tune was an inspired idea and still worth a listen, a bold mission if you wish to accept it.

The accompanying album is one of the best Nu-Metal albums ever made with other stand-out tracks like 'Rolling', 'My Generation' and 'My Way' .

Later in 2003 they released a superb version of 'Behind Blue Eyes' originally performed by The Who.

Not too much pain and anguish here as Fred Durst's vocals and lyrics add a light-hearted touch to the music.

Never more than on their debut album in 1997 were you will find their hilarious cover of George Michael's 'Faith' given the full-bore treatment complete with expletives.

Linkin Park burst onto the scene in the year 2000 with their brilliant album 'Hybrid Theory' which combined aggressive metal with a hip-hop rap style and without a guitar solo in sight.

Classic songs like 'Papercut', 'Crawling', 'One Step Closer' and the melodic 'In the End' made them hugely popular amongst the angst-plagued hoodie generation.

They were an exciting band that went mainstream in a big way. Unfortunately they never managed to sustain the quality and the follow-up album 'Meteora' was merely a re-hash of the first. It almost sounded like they had just re-mixed the original songs and fraudulently announced a brand new album.

Their third and fourth albums 'Minutes to Midnight' and 'A Thousand Suns' were better as they tried to change style away from the metal-rap straitjacket. Not bad efforts but not earth-shattering either.

Nonetheless they are still a major attraction and pulling in the crowds as they are able to headline at festivals all over the world.

The big bad daddy's of them all of course are the might Korn who blazed a pathfinding trail in 1993 and set the standard for others to follow. Never ones to compromise, their eviscerating lyrics spat into the Geiger microphone stand by lead-singer Jonathan Davis have remained perpetually angry.

No guitar solos here either to disrupt the stream of metal chords and provocative verse. Although there is the occasional foray into bagpipe playing making them a totally unique band with an original sound that is unmatched in the world of Rock music.

Hailing from Bakersfield in California they have released some of the best Nu-Metal tracks ever since their inception in 1994. Songs like 'Freak on a Leash', 'All in the Family','Falling Away From Me', 'Alone I Stay, 'Here to Stay' and 'Twisted Transistor' are just a few of the memorable numbers they have produced over the years. However they do reject the term 'Nu-metal' as being 'dumb' but don't let that put you off.

Another band though that can combine the deadly serious with the frivolous are System of a Down. A group that can address the politics of the Middle-East wars, the Armenian Genocide and the oppressive US penal system with the sheer pleasure of a pogo dance or pulling a tapeworm out of your behind.

With the incredibly versatile vocals of Serj Tankian and the brilliant guitarist Daron Malakian their biggest hit to date was 'Chop Suey' of which Tankian, I reckon, is only one of the few rockstars capable of singing.

That was the hit single from their mammoth 2001 album smash 'Toxicity' which also contained the title track as well as the epic sound of 'Aerials' and the onslaught of 'Prison' among a collection of great tunes. Prior to that though their anthemic classic songs 'Suite Pee' and 'Sugar' had already set their stall out as a band with something really special.

The band took a hiatus after the double release of two albums 'Mezmerize' and 'Hypnotize' in quick succession in 2005. Stand-out tracks included 'B.Y.O.B', 'Violent Pornography' and 'Lost in Hollywood' from the former and 'Hypnotize', 'Lonely Day' and 'Kill Rock n' Roll' from the latter.

Thereafter although concentrating on side-projects they are still around and ready to record and play live again whenever the timer is right.

Like Slipknot and other bands noted for their shock appearance Mudvayne performed in horror and alien-style make-up and masks in their early days after forming in 1996.

They also adopted bizarre stage names to augment the visual theatricals.

They have developed into a real class act and even dumped the masks and character personas in 2005.

Hailing from Illinois their most famous song to date is 'Dig' a full-force metal classic with an energetic video to accompany. Other stand out tracks are 'Happy', 'Do What You Do' and the excellent 'Fall Into Sleep'.

Undoubtedly the Deftones are another major force and iconic band of the Nu-Metal scene. Combining the interchange of hard-core screams with wonderfuly melodic choruses they espouse all that is best in the genre.

They were founded as far back as 1989 in Sacramento in California and their best material includes 'My Own Summer', 'Change(In the House of Flies)', 'Back to School', 'Minerva' and 'Rocket Skates' among many other outstanding songs.

Tragically their bassist Chi Cheng was involved in a serious road accident in 2008 which left him in a coma from which he has never fully recovered to date despite signs of improvement. The band continued with new bassist Sergio Vega to continue touring and also recording new album material such as the 'Diamond Eyes' album in 2010.

Coming out of Michigan in the 1997 were the band Taproot who mix heavy guitar riffs with Rap vocals.

Similar in style to Limp Bizkit there was an infamous fall-out with Fred Durst when they failed to sign with him and instead went to Atlantic Records. Their most famous song is 'Poem' from their most successful album 'Welcome' which was released in 2002.

Their style had now changed to a much more melodic vocal harmony range with a more mainstream heavy rock sound. However they haven't enjoyed great commercial success although they still remain a strong force in touring and recording.

Never to be accused of being too prolific in their output Rage Against the Machine are nevertheless a highly influential outfit. It maybe a bit of a stretch to classify them as Nu-Metal but they are hard to pigeon-hole so that classification will serve as well as any I guess.

Their aggressive Rap-Metal style has spawned many imitators among the Nu-Metal clique since their self-titled debut album. Songs like 'Bullet in the Head', 'Bulls on Parade' and 'Guerilla Radio' give you a sense of what they're all about lyrically.

With quirky, original guitar work by Tom Moreno and the militant lyrics sung by Zack de la Rocha, Rage Against the Machine have protested politically and courted controversy since their inception in 1991.

Their trademark signature tune is 'Killing in the Name' with it's defiant finale exhortation chanted enthusiastically by audiences at every show is a Rock classic. Censored by mainstream media for it's profanity it could not be ignored in the UK in 2009 when it was famously propelled to a number one Christmas slot.

As a backlash against the corporate manufactured pop of the 'X-Factor' phenomenon, a successful Facebook campaign brought the band straight into the media spotlight.

Meanwhile back over in the angst-ridden suburbs of late-teen America they may be listening to Disturbed with Dave Draiman's expert and original vocal style marking out their territory in the Nu-Metal canon.

Without a doubt their awesome power-driven song 'Down With The Sickness' in 2000 is still by far their best and they also scored with 'Prayer' as well as interesting choices for cover versions with 'Shout' originally by Tears for Fears and 'Land of Confusion' by Genesis.

Swedish rockers Soilwork have undergone several changes in style over the years. They even changed their name in 1996 to its present moniker. They were previously known as 'Inferior Breed'.

Variously described as Melodic Death Metal with influences of Blues and other genres they are in the catchment area the Nu-metal heartland in terms of style. But certainly an Alternative Rock band if such a thing could exist.

Is Nu-Metal dead and gone or just moribund? More the case probably that it has undergone transformations as many genres will tend to do. But certainly the best of the best are still going strong, still making records and playing gigs for disaffected youth or otherwise. So the t-shirts are still available and just the garb for those summer festivals.

For more products you'll find many more Nu-Metal t-shirts, accessories and other souvenirs on Amazon or through the Google links here as this is just a small snapshot of what is available.



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