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Where to buy an engagement ring like Kate Middleton's ring . Rings online - from $50 to $5000

Updated on September 13, 2012

Prince William announced his engagement to girlfriend Kate Middleton on the 17th of Novemeber 2010.

Kate's engagement ring is a beautiful sapphire and diamond ring, which belonged to William's late mother Princess Diana.

When Diana wore the sapphire and diamond engagement ring for the first time back in 1981, it caused a sensation, and a Sapphire engagement ring became THE engagement ring to have.

This famous ring is again causing a sensation around the world and demand for replicas of Kate's engagement ring has hit the roof since their engagement was announced.

Jewellers around the world have been flooded with orders, and the unprecedented demand even brought one New York-based store, the National Sapphire Co., to a complete standstill. A mere 10-minutes after photos of the beaming Princess-to-be were released, the jeweller received such an influx of online orders that its server crashed. By late afternoon, the company that normally makes five to 10 high-end engagement rings daily was starting production on over 30.

Buy a ring like Kate Middleton's online - prices from $50 to $5000

Whatever your budget, it is easy to buy a ring like kate's online today. The following rings are all available to buy from, a safe and secure website.

I have chosen a selection of rings to suit all budgets, so prices range from $50 to $5000.

Obviously the prices of the rings reflect the quality of the stone and whether it is a natural stone or synthetic man made.

The price for natural sapphire rings range from $1000 to $5000 plus and for synthetic sapphires, the price ranges from $50 to $250.

If you wish to buy any of the rings or would like more details, simply click on it's image and you will be taken through to the website where you can purchase it if you wish.

Price from $1,000 and upwards

The beautiful ring on the right is a natural sapphire, set in 14k white gold.

The price of this high quality ring is $2,499.

Price from $250 to $500

If you are looking for good quality yet affordable replicas of Kate Middleton's engagement ring, these three beautiful rings will probably meet your requirements.

These rings are cheaper than those above because the sapphire stones are man made.

However, they are still set with diamonds in a good quality white gold.

I think that they look beautiful and that they represent excellent value for money.

The price of these good quaity Kate Middleton's Engagement Ring Replicas start from $259.

Price from $50 to $100

Kate Middleton's engagement ring replicas.

Again these rings are made of synthetic sapphires instead of natural sapphires.

They contain Cubic Zirconias  instead of Diamonds.

For a budget kate middleton engagement ring, I have chosen these three rings.

For a bargain Kate Middleton engagement ring, I think these are ideal. I am sure that you wil agree that they make a great fun dress ring to dress up any outfit.

To get a cheap kate middleton engagement ring, click on the image to buy today.

I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and am sure you are now an expert on sapphires.

If you would like to buy one of the rings, simply

  •  Click on it's image
  • You will then be taken through to's website, which is safe and secure
  • You can purchase it and have it delivered to your home.

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