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What season am I? What colour should I wear? What colour suit me? Find out here and buy Color Analysis books

Updated on September 3, 2011


Have you ever wanted to "get your colors done" to find out which colours suit you?

There are many advantages to knowing which colours suit you.

Your own special colors can help you look more healthy, youthful and harmonious. Knowing your colors can also help make shopping for clothes easier, as you focus in on only the colours that suit you.

By only buying clothes in your colours, your wardrobe will eventually all be able to mix and match together as all the colours will be in harmony with each other. You will save money by reducing the risk of costly mistakes.


Probably the most well known company that provides a colour analysis service is Color Me Beautiful, which was established in the 1980s.

Their system of analysis is simple and is based on the overall colouring of your hair, eyes and skin tone. You basically have either warm coloring or cool colouring and this has been further refined into four groups based on the natural seasons,

There are two warm seasons - Spring and Autumn and women who belong in these groups have a yellow or golden tone to their colouring. Typical examples include women with strawberry blonde or red hair.

  • Colors that suit Autumns reflect the autumn season, such as the golds of autumn leaves, khaki green, earthy browns and pumpkin orange.
  • Colors that suit Springs reflect the fresh new growth colors of spring such as daffodil yellow, crocus purple, and acidic greens.

There are two cool seasons - Summer and Winter and women who belong to these groups have a cool bluish or pink tone to their colouring. Typical examples include women with black, grey, ash blonde or mousey-brown hair.

  • Colors that suit Winters are clear, crisp, cold and icy reflecting cold winter days.
  • Colors that suit Summers are soft, blue and pink in tone, think of an english country garden with it's soft colours of lavender and roses.

Colour Me Beautiful

When I wanted to find out what colors suited me, I had a look through all the books that were available and bought this one.

I believe it was the original Colour Me Beautiful book, and I highly recommend it, as it is so simple to use.

It starts with a simple questionnaire for you to fill out about your natural colouring - your eye colour, hair colour and skin tone and the results show you which of the four colour season palettes would most suit you.

For each season, there is a whole page, printed with the entire colour palette - thirty color shades that will make you look amazing. You can cut these pages out of the book and take them with you when you go shopping.

There is also guidance on what are your best make-up colors according to your season.

Other books by Color Me Beautiful


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