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Buying Seasonal Shoes on the Internet for the Family

Updated on January 17, 2013
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Tips on Shoe Shopping Online

You are looking for a great pair of shoes whether for business or play, but how do you go about selecting the perfect shoes online without slipping your feet in them?

Well, let’s start with the obvious tip, if you know that you are the kind of person who highly values a good online shopping experience, you don’t order the shoe until you try it on offline or something similar in a local store first. Most online shoppers know that there is a certain degree of risk involved when purchasing items online--no exceptions when buying shoes. You may be happy when your pair of shoes arrive or disappointed because you didn’t take enough time to research.

The Internet is good for learning about many things, but poor when it comes to most websites allowing you to try before you buy. There are far too many sites that just won’t let you do it! From health reasons to simply not wanting the hassle of returns, some websites will indicate non-returnable, so do check the store polices before you order. When you look for shoes on the Internet (and any other wearable items,) you must know what you are doing and have some experience shopping for shoes.

When selecting shoes online, consider visiting the sites FAQ section first, it is there where you will find all necessary questions people ask about things like store returns, order issues, etc. You can determine whether you want to shop a website by the types of policies they have listed. Be sure a phone number is also posted somewhere on the site.

The next thing you will want to do is register with the website. This way you can start receiving sale information. You don’t want to commit to purchasing anything if you know that by becoming a member of the site you will be eligible for additional discounts.

When surfing for shoes on sale, do pay close attention to the style and color. Sometimes shoes on sale may be losing customer interest due to a new fashion trend or the item becomes unpopular because of poor quality and discomfort. Of course, there doesn’t have to be anything wrong with the shoes at all, but why not surf review sites or look at the comments below the item’s description before purchasing?

Further, you will want to keep in mind that not all sizes fit every foot. So when determining whether the shoes online will need to be bought larger or smaller, read the item's description then zoom in on the shoe's image by clicking it with your mouse where applicable.

If quality over price is a big deal for you, then do be sure to learn more about the shoe material then look for similar items made of that material in your own closet or a friend’s to determine what the shoes look like in person. Cheaply made items will not endure running, skipping, jumping, or kicking. They also will not handle rain and snow as you may have discovered in the past with poorly made shoes. The paint tends to come off at the top first, followed by frayed stitching, then along the seams dirt gets trapped causing an ugly looking appearance. Therefore, be sure shoes are made of genuine products and not a variety of cheap fabrics. If it is genuine leather, then think of similar shoes you have bought with the same brand name. If you have had good experiences in the past wearing the designer’s shoes, then chances are you will feel comfortable in his or her latest shoe. However, sometimes designers will alternate the shape or change the sole of a shoe or use cheaper materials overtime. So it isn’t a cardinal rule that if you stick with a certain designer you will always be satisfied.

Sometimes there is no way of seeing how long shoe strings might be via the Internet or how strong they are when being repeatedly pulled, so do keep in mind you may have to replace the shoe strings once the shoes arrive.

Most women's dress shoes are uncomfortable especially if they have high heels. Most doctors will not recommend a woman wear any high heels on their feet. These types of shoes have been known to cause ankle, leg and back pain because of the unnatural way the foot sits in the shoes. Anyone purchasing heels online for self or someone else will be taking a risk with their money and foot comfort.

When you have wide feet, be sure the shoe comes in a wide size, a narrow foot a narrow size--seems like simple advice, right? Well, many people love a look of a shoe so much that if their typical wide size isn't available, they hope to squeeze their feet into a narrow size. Sometimes excited shoppers will purchase a shoe overlooking the description and the picture that clearly shows whether it is for wide or narrow feet.

Shopping for a shoe online doesn’t have to be a challenge if you have already tried on the shoe in a local store and rather pay the online price rather than the store price. But shoe shopping can be a challenge, if you don’t have any idea what you are going to use the shoe for, if it will match the items in your closet, whether the designer is one you can trust, and what might you consider important when shopping for shoes such as design, style, comfort, price, etc.

Some shoppers experience buyer’s remorse usually because they didn’t research the desired product thoroughly such as: finding out what the majority thinks about the product, rushing to buy the item online without seeing it in-person, and lastly, spending far too much money than they could afford for reasons like showing off.

Unlike a physical store where there is a store clerk to happily serve you and make you feel comfortable, when shopping online you have to interview yourself and make you feel content!

Have a good online shopping experience!

Where do you shop for shoes?

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