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Buying a classy stylish digital wrist watch - different types of digital watches for men & women

Updated on October 14, 2012

Finding the right digital watch

Looking to buy a stylish digital wristwatch? Perhaps a digital watch that looks more like a classic analog watch?   Or are you trying to purchase a funky looking waterproof women's digital watch to wear for sports or working out?   Or maybe you're just after a classic sporty style black men's digital watch for everyday wear?

There's a plethora of digital wristwatch options out there and many excellent deals online for all designs of digital watches... here's some of the different styles and designs available -

Classic black men's sports digital watch

This watch by Timex features a sturdy resin strap band, six button side function control buttons and includes both date and time functions.

It has a Quartz movement and a tough mineral crystal display which protects the dial from scratches and bumps.

It is also water-resistant up to 165 feet (50 M) and features a classic sporty black buckle band and gray dial and dial casing.

Black and pink dial casing detail classic women's sporty digital watch

This watch, also from Timex , is designed for the female wrist and features a funky pink detail on the casing around the dial.

It features day and date display along with the digital time display. The digits are a nice large size which is helpful when working out or running.

It has the classic black sporty buckle band similar to the men's version but both the band and the dial are slightly smaller in this female version. It also includes the six button feature and function buttons along each side of the dial casing.

Another handy feature is the alarm setting and 'Indiglo' night-light and dual time zone settings.

As with the men's version of this watch, it is water-resistant to 165 feet (50 M).

Colorful women's digital watch

Also from Timex, for those looking for something a little more colorful and funky, there is a plum / purple resin strap option in the Timex digital watch range for females. Around the dial casing it features a lighter magenta colored ring and triangular styled 'cutouts' which make it extremely light and comfortable to wear while out and about or playing sports.

It also includes both date and time functions, quad function button layout, Quartz movement, digital gray dial, strong mineral crystal dial to protect the watch from scratching.

This model is water-resistant to 330 feet (100 M).

For something even more colorful! - Tech 4 O

For those looking for something even more colorful, this digital watch is certainly very cute and girly. It features day, date and time functions, easy to use menu, Pedometer, water-resistance to 50 metres.

It also includes speed, distance, calories and actual exercise time readings.

It has a classic gray dial, but a bright pink casing and strap band for a bright pop of color.

Tech 4 0 watches

For those who prefer blue, or a more understated style, this blue/gray digital watch for females from Tech 4 O features step counter, water resistance to 50 metres, alarm function, dual time zones, countdown timer and stopwatch.

Timex digitals

Timex also has a funky blue design which would be great for teens as it features a funky detail pattern on the band and white detail around the dial casing that provide a sleek look to this digital watch.

It also has day, date and digital time functions, gray dial, bright blue casing, Quartz movement, resin strap, Chrome case, timer, dual time zones and it is also water resistant up to 165 feet (50 Metres).

Bracelet style digital watches

Looking for more of a bracelet-style digital wristwatch? Do less active sports but still want a sleek looking digital watch with style?

Casio has an incredibly classy silver bracelet type of watch which still features the classic digital dial as well as quality Quartz movement, sturdy mineral crystal dial to protect the watch from scratches and bumps, day and date feature, water-resistancy up to 100 feet (30 Metres) and features a classy stainless steel bracelet-band which gives this digital watch a slick and retro classic look.

Metal bracelet band watch in silver

Prefer the gold?

Casio also makes a version of this classic bracelet type digital watch in gold. If you're after something more retro or classic but still like the sleek digital styling, this gold watch by Casio is the perfect option.

You can have the best of both worlds with these hybrid digitals. Great for those who don't want to lose the classy look of a classic analog type dress watch.

This watch has all the sporty type digital watch functions you need - hourly time signal, auto calendar, digital stopwatch, daily alarm function, backlit dial and water resistancy.

It also features a quality digital Quartz movement, day and date functions, sturdy stainless steel caseback and gold-tone acrylic bezel.

A female version of the digital dress watch style

Looking for a female or smaller version of the 'hybrid' digital-watch-that-looks-like-a-dress-watch? Look no further than the Timex Women's T2N3139J Classic Digital Bi-Metal Case Expansion Band Dress Watch.

It features two-tone metal stainless steel band and body, as well as brass casing, indiglo night-light, water resistance to 99 feet (30 Metres), 12 and 24 hour time setting options, daily alarm function, chronograph, countdown timer, expansion band option and great big digits on the dial to make it incredibly easy to see in low light conditions or for people with vision problems.

Can be worn casually, but it always gets away with looking like a classic dress watch... with all the ease and functionality of a digital watch! The perfect women's hybrid wristwatch!

Baby G watches by Casio

Buy a Baby G watch

The Baby G watches by Casio have become incredibly popular as sports watches because they combine trendy styling with ease-of-use.

They make the perfect watch for someone who is looking to buy a funky looking digital watch that looks just as at home on the wrist for everyday wear as it does in the gym or out on the running track. Casio Baby Gs never compromize style.

And their functionality is also superb. This one features a clear/crystal/white band and casing, resin bezel, round dial with nice large digits, easy to use menu buttons, EL backlight with after-glow, world time, countdown timer, alarm function, water-resistance up to 660 feet (200 M), shock resistance, stopwatch, 12 and 24 hour formats. And it's all packaged into an incredibly light and funky watch that you can wear with style.

Going designer

For more designer styling, Kenneth Cole New York has a range of designer digital watches dripping with chic style! It's not what you expect when you imagine a digital watch but it works.

This sleek digital watch by Kenneth Cole features a sturdy black band and shiny black dial and casing. It is square in shape, features a classic buckle band closure, silicone band, stainless steel casing, Japanese Quartz movement, date and month functions, LCD digital display and it is even water-resistant up to 165 Feet (50Metres).

If you prefer white

If you prefer a white watch, this Kenneth Cole designer digital wrist watch also comes in a white detail version for the fashion conscious among you.

This version of the Kenneth Cole watch includes all the same features as the aforementioned all black style but this one might be preferred by females because of its stylish stark white strap band.

The round Kenneth Cole

Kenneth Cole also makes a similar style of digital watch, except it features a classic circular face.

Because of the styling of this watch, it makes a fabulous timepiece for both women and men.

This ultra modern crisp style digital watch features a sturdy and tough mineral crystal dial cover, white stainless steel case and stainless steel bezel, Japanese analog-Quartz digital movement with day, date & year functions, white silicone colored strap and this watch is also water-resistant up to 165 feet (50 metres).

A 2 tone Kenneth Cole round dial digital watch

Kenneth Cole round face digital wristwatch - unisex style

Phosphor digital watches

Phosphor has a range of designer quality chrome and silver watches for men and women. They feature sleek black polyurethane strap bands and chrome casing and dials. Not to mention stylized large black digits which make reading your watch on the go a breeze!

Design-wise they feature an ultra thin comfortable curved stainless-steel case, a dual-time display function, world time capability for 24 cities and water resistancy up to 165 feet (50 Metres).  You won't find a more chic and sleek shape to a digital watch.

For something extra special

If you want to take your digital watch style to the next level, Gucci has created the ultimate in digital watches - the GUCCI Women's YA114403 i-GUCCI Digital White Watch.

It features a stainless steel case, silver dial, stainless steel bezel, slick white rubber strap band, Swiss-Quartz movement, Silver dial with digital display, Scratch sapphire resistant dial casing and it is water-resistant to 99 feet (30 Metres).

Digital watch indulgence

An extra special Uni-sex Gucci digital watch option

Gucci has also produced a Unisex version of their digital watch in sleek black - the GUCCI Unisex YA114402 I-GUCCI Digital Watch. This model features extra large digits so you can always see the numbers with ease no matter where you are. There is currently 55% discount on this fabulous digital watch on Amazon!

It has a stainless-steel bezel, synthetic-sapphire dial window, it has a water resistance depth of 99 feet (30 Metres), a black dial, a rubber strap band, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal dial casing as well as a Swiss Quartz movement.  

A very special digital designer timepiece

GUCCI Unisex YA114402 I-GUCCI Digital Watch
GUCCI Unisex YA114402 I-GUCCI Digital Watch

A sleek black Gucci digital watch


Digital watches on Amazon...

So, no matter what style, color or price range of digital watch you are looking to buy, Amazon has a massive range and always has an impressive selection of deals going on all year round.

It's always incredibly simple to find the sort of digital watches you want to purchase in all the styles - dress, buckle band, strap band, chrome casing, bracelet band or sports style digital watch.


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