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Cheap Cycling Shoes - Buy Discount Biking Shoes Online

Updated on March 14, 2011

Cycling is one of the coolest sports on the planet. There's something special about being about to bike anywhere, into hidden mountain valleys, through a forest, across a desert (maybe); and at the same time while your seeing wonders of the world you're getting a workout. I mean, can it get any better?

Biking to various places in the world, or just around where you live, sounds like a good idea. In actuality it's a little easier said than done; I'm not saying it's something hard or not for the average folk, because it is. You'll just need a little preparation.

One of the more important parts of this preparation comes in the form of having proper cycling shoes. Now to some of you, this fact may make you sigh: 'more money, seriously?'. But have no fear, because cycling shoes, and all biking shoes, don't have to be pricey. In fact you can find many cheap cycling shoes for sale that are of high quality, and have a low price.

Some of the best cheap cycling shoes come from brands you would least expect; like Vittoria cycling shoes; Northwave cycling shoes; as well as many other mens cycling shoes and womens cycling shoes. My point is this - discount cycling shoes to buy online are very easy to find.


Northwave Cycling Shoes

Come of the cheapest cycling shoes on the market, as well as some of the best, are Northwave cycling shoes. These are high quality biking shoes that focus on durability, comfort and performance. And, of course, many of the best Northwave cycling shoes for sale are cheap.

Northwave cycling shoes are mens cycling shoes that are a blend of style and mobility. Many Northwave cycling shoes come with three Velcro straps for the ultimate protection and security; you'll find that many cheap Northwave biking shoes will be black, white or green.

One of the more popular Northwave cycling shoe is the Northwave Vertigo shoe. For under 50 dollars this cycling shoe comes with all the features and style you'll ever need. it's made of Synthetic leather, and air mesh, that gives you comfort and protection. Furthermore it is cleat compatible and has carbon renforced sole that gives you great grip.

Cheap Mens Cycling Shoes

What is classified as cheap cycling shoes? In the end it's all relative; it depends on what kind of cycling shoe your looking for, how much you're willing to spend, and, sometimes, how much you're willing to compromise. For me, though, when trying to find the best cheap cycling shoe I try and look at things using three categories.

  1. Quality - Is the cycling shoe one of the best?
  2. Style - Does it look good? Do I care?
  3. Price - Is it in my price range?

The best cheap mens biking shoes fit this criteria perfectly, being the perfect blend of quality and style, as well as being cheap. For the following list of cheap cycling shoes, you'll find that all of them have this mix; but in the end the ultimate choice will be up to you.

Cheap Womens Cycling Shoes

Cheap womens cycling shoes are similar to mens cycling shoes, except that you'll find that many of them have a better style and are slightly cheaper. This is great when buying biking shoes for the entire family (the women always deserves to look the best), making great gifts for Christmas and birthday.

One of the best womens cycling shoe brands (that is cheap) is Pearl. Pearl cycling shoes are cheap, are of high quality, and look good; remember that criteria i mentioned earlier? Pearl cycling shoes follow it to the tee.

The majority of womens cycling shoes have both Velcro and laces to make sure the foot is extra secure, as well as have air mesh throughout to add breathing room and extra comfort.

Discount Cycling Shoes

Now the last section for those of you who really, really want the cheapest possible biking shoes. Cheap road cycling shoes are somewhat of a dying breed (and I mean really cheap) but they are still possible to find. You just need to know where to look.

The best part about these discount cycling shoes for sale is that they are for both men and women (even kids) and don't compromise quality; although you may find the style of some of these biking shoes not as nice as other shoes.

Although the style may not be there, these discount cycling shoes still maintain quality, making sure that last bike ride isn't, well, your last.



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    • sportandfitness profile image


      7 years ago

      Woaa, there are a whole bunch of shoes here!!! Thanks but now I don't know what to choose... :)

    • vanchen profile imageAUTHOR


      7 years ago from British Columbia

      Thanks for the comment, Andrew. Nature always does provide the cheapest alternatives!

    • AndrewGee profile image


      7 years ago

      You've made some good points here. I find it quite amazing that you can now get recessed cleats which make for better touring (you can get off to visit coffee shops!) Don't forget that the best way to clean cycling shoes is to go out in a downpour!


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