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Cheap, Exotic Wood Ear Gauges, Tapers and Earlets

Updated on April 22, 2017
Exotic wood is beautiful, natural, and 100% organic, making them a versatile and visually stunning choice for people with gauged ears.
Exotic wood is beautiful, natural, and 100% organic, making them a versatile and visually stunning choice for people with gauged ears.

Exotic wood gauges for excellent prices

Wood is a natural element, and delivers many useful effects to the wearer. Wood is pourous, and can help absorb the natural, funky smell that many experience from having gauged ears (no matter how many times you clean and care for them.) Many wearers find that wood is easier to keep in their ears, and has less slip than plastic gauges. The natural properties of wood perhaps have a little bit more friction, and the wearer may experience less loss of gauges.

More than just a product, these gauges are true art peices. They are all hand carved by experienced artists and artisans, who take the time to perfect each peice. Made with experience and skill, they are truly different from mass produced gauges. Each of the gauges listed below are special, unique, and made from organic materials and high quality types of wood.

Wood is selected for its strength, as well as color and naturally occuring patterns and designs. The practice of using wood for ear plugs is a time honored tradition, and has been utilized by tribes as well as primitive man even further back in time.

Sono Wood and Bone Plugs

 Rising Sun Sono Wood and Bone Double Flared Ear Plugs are made with both sono wood, as well as bone.They are a great example of hand carved plugs, and showcase the level of craftsmanship that is available in the world of plugs. Not only is sono wood extremely well, it is exotic, and these gauges are one hundred percent organic. Because they are hand made, there are small, insignificant variations, meaning that no two pairs will ever be exactly alike. This is very appealing to many people, as some wearers of gauges wish to have a once in a lifetime set of plugs that can never be duplicated. Also, with the Rising Sun Wood and Bone plugs there is a less chance of you seeing another person with the same jewelry as you.

Handcarved Flower Design Double Flare Tunnel

The intricate detailing of the flower in these plugs is hard not to love. Areng wood is a beautiful material, and they are handcarved by individual artisans. Plugs that are manufactured out of plastic in a mass produced factory setting simply cannot come close to competing with the natural beauty of plugs like these. Many plugs of this type are carved by artists in Bali, and as with the first pair of plugs, no two sets will ever be exactly the same. This is thanks to the human element, as they are not stamped out by machines in a factory. Totally organic, another great fact and feature of these plugs are that they come in a wide variety of sizes to ensure that each wearer can get the perfect fit. The Areng wood lotus plugs are available in a 2gauge, all the way up to one inch gauges. (2G, 0G, 00G, 7/16", 1/2", 9/16", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", and 1".)

Sabo Wood Rosebud Plugs

One of nature's most beautiful, naturally occuring designs is the aesthetically pleasing flower. These gauges, crafted out of sabo wood, imitate this gift of nature, and package it for people with gauged ears to enjoy. Delicate, beautiful, and completely organic, these gauges are some of the most highly detailed plugs on the market. The petals are executed wonderfully, and each artist carved them by hand and uses special care. Again, no two pairs are exactly alike, making it possible to people with gauged ears to take home a truly original peice of art. These particular gauges are sure to make others very envious, as they are simply very beautiful and stunning. Many wearers particularly like the rose colored hue of the sabo wood, and the warm tones. These rosebuds will be forever blossoming, and will continue to attract attention and envious glances for years to come.

Tewel, Fruit, and Coconut Wood Triple Layer Saddle Plugs

The beauty of three different types of wood is utilized to create this striking pair of organic gauges. A slightly cheetah like print is clearly seen, and adds to their unique appeal. They are sold as a pair, and are offered in many different sizes to fit your ear. Not many other gauges can compete with the level of unique design presented in the Triple Layer Saddle Plugs. Reviews from past purchasers state how beautiful and happy they are with this product. Golden hues from each type of wood come together to complete a design that is proudly offered through WickedBodyJewelz.

As with many types of wood, wearers can expect strength, durability and a long lifespan with these gauges.

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