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Why Using Cheap Hair Extensions Might Be Actually A Better Option

Updated on April 28, 2012

Hair extensions are the latest in the world of crowning glory. If you are someone who wants to get her hair streaked but is jittery about the side effects, then hair extensions are definitely the ultimate solution for you. They can give you an entirely different look and make your life exciting like never before


Types Of Hair Extensions

Basically, hair extensions can be of two kinds – real hair extensions and synthetic hair extensions. Synthetic hair extensions are remarkably less costly, which is why they are alternatively referred to as cheap hair extensions. Cheap hair extensions would definitely serve your purpose but you must note that they would not look as flawless as real hair extensions. Real hair extensions can be of several kinds although human hair extensions and feather hair extensions are the most popular.


Benefits Of Cheap Hair Extensions

Most people are of the opinion that the more expensive a product the greater is its benefits. However, this is not true in case of hair extensions. The expensive hair extensions come in the form of human hair extensions which are attached either to your scalp or to your natural hair. This is done either with the help of hair adhesives or through processes like hair ironing, hair weaving etc. Typically good quality hair extensions remain in your hair/scalp for three to four months. The damage occurs after this duration when you go to your hair stylist for removing them.

If the real hair extensions were put in place using chemicals the process of removal naturally results in considerable amounts of hair breakage. But if you had used heat infusion process the damage will show itself much earlier since high-temperature hair ironing results in hair fall, breakage and thinning. In contrast, cheap clip-on hair extensions give you all the benefits of expensive real hair extensions without the risk of attaching them through chemical or thermal processes.

How To Use Cheap Hair Extensions?

Cheap hair extensions are pretty easy to use. First of all, part your hair into sections. Now, take a small amount of hair from a desired section and just clip on the hair extension to your natural hair. And that's it! For best effect, try clipping the extensions in different areas instead of clipping them only in a particular area. If you want to create a dramatic look then try clipping on different color cheap hair extensions to your natural hair.

Where To Buy Cheap Hair Extensions From?

There are many places from where you can buy cheap clip-in hair extensions. Search in your local markets and you will definitely find some shop which keeps them. But if you want to buy cheap clip-on hair extensions without compromising on the quality then approach your local beauty salon. They will not only be able to give you information about good quality cheap synthetic hair extensions but also about cheap human hair extensions. The other option is to order your cheap hair extensions via the internet. In fact, many online stores even offer full money back guarantee.

In A Nutshell

Hair extensions can transform your appearance in a matter of minutes. But there is no need to invest in expensive hair extensions because you can get the same benefits from cheap hair extensions. And not just that, by buying cheap clip-on hair extensions you can also prevent damage to your hair which is caused by the usage of expensive hair extensions.


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