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Cheap laser hair removal procedures, risks & dangers, side effects, home kits.

Updated on December 14, 2015

Laser hair removal scars

Cheap laser hair removal procedures are difficult to obtain, but not impossible. Laser hair removal surgery or laser hair surgery is a rapidly growing beauty industry based on the removal of body hair. Laser hair surgery clinics across the globe are reporting brisk trade as young men and women opt for laser surgery to rid them of ugly body hair.

There are many dangers of laser hair removal treatments, some which can disfigure and scar a person for life. Some laser hair removal clinics do not inform their patients of possible risks involved when going under the laser.

What is laser hair removal surgery?

It is the removal of unwanted, ugly, or unsightly hair from the body. The laser is a heated and vibrating beam of light. This light passes through the layers of skin and begins to burn the individual hair follicle. As the sessions of laser treatment continue, the hair follicles become more damaged. This reduces their ability to produce hair.

This FDA approved method for the permanent reduction of hair growth does no stop hair from growing, it mearly slows it down. It gives a longer period of time where no or little hair will grow. This method of removing hair permits the skin time to rejuvenate without the more constant abrasive methods of removing hair such as shaving.

Laser hair removal risks & side effects

There are many laser hair removal side effects. Some are normal with laser surgery whilst other are more severe, permanent, and can disfigure a person for life. Other worries include skin cancer, hypopigmentation and hyperpigmentation.

Burning Skin

The heat of the laser will burn the skin. The skin will redden and the sense of burnt skin will be felt by all laser hair surgery patients. The depth of the red color is different with each patient as each persons complexion is different. This is normal and will disappear within a few days.

Excessive Burning

This can be caused by the laser hair removal technician being overzealous on skin areas, or if the laser is to hot. If the laser is left to long in one place, the skin will burn more severely. Usually this can be overcome by creams or potions which may be prescribed by the laser surgeon. In extreme circumstances it has been known for patients to receive skin grafts on burnt skin.

Scabbing or Crustings

This is a normal occurrence as the bodies self defence mechanism begins to work its' wonders. Any scabs or crusts that appear on the skin should be left alone. Picking of these may result in small permanent scars. If a patient is overly worried about scabs, they should seek medical attention or advise from the laser surgeon.


Pain is a side effect of virtually everything that effects the skin in a detrimental way. Every patient will receive a certain amount of pain depending on the individuals pain threshold. The pain will ease in a short amount of time as the redness goes and the body heals itself.


The areas treated may respond by small amounts of swelling. This is not usually permanent. If the swelling is causing problems or the patient is worried, seek advice from the practitioner who carried out the laser surgery.


This is not a serious side effect but can be unsightly. If blistering does occur the patient may wish to hide away for a few days until they disappear.


This is where the patient receiving laser hair removal treatments endures darkening of the skin. In nearly all cases this is only a temporary condition. Naturally it may take years for the skin to resemble its' natural color again. Skin bleaching agents can help, but not for everybody.


This is where the skin lightens after laser hair surgery. As of June 2011, there is no remedy for this problem.

Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is a constant worry for many people. Modern hair removal laser use non-ionising radiation, which allegedly does not cause skin cancer. Allegedly, there is no known connection between using laser hair removal treatments and cancer.

Laser hair technicians / surgeons

Anybody can legally set up a laser hair removal clinic with little or no qualifications. The are no restricting laws to prevent this. All prospective clients are advised to seek accomplished laser technicians. Ask the laser technician to see before and after photographs of other clients. Only seek laser technicians that have been recommended personally.

It is illegal for laser hair surgery to be carried out on a person under the age of 18 years without written consent from a parent or guardian.

Laser removal home kits

There are many laser removal home kits on offer. These are ideal for a person wishing to remove hair from small areas. Most of these machines will take one person to use on another person for easier and less dangerous laser procedures.

It is imperative for the user to read the instructions thoroughly at least twice. When first using the machines try it on a piece of skin which will not be noticeable. Some obscure insurance companies offer insurance against permanent side effects from laser hair removal treatments.

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    • profile image

      Anna 15 months ago

      re. skin cancer - it's really only blue, violet and ultraviolet light that has enough photon energy to potentially increase the risk of skin cancer. Anything over 500nm in wavelength (in other words, green, yellow, orange, red and infrared light) is safe in terms of cancer risk. This eliminates most lasers and all but a few IPLs. Be much more worried about thermal damage (to skin or eyes!)