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Christmas Scrub Uniforms

Updated on October 21, 2012

A lot of hospital employees wear standard issue scrubs. It's a shame, really, cos the selection available today is amazingly creative and trendy. Men's scrubs are especially hot these days. So are scrub dresses. But even if you like to stick to the traditional, that doesn't mean you can't be cute at work, particularly where holidays are involved. Who doesn't like a bit of seasonal cheer? You can get a set that's been made for Christmas, Easter, Halloween; you name it. And they're cute, too. Just take a look at these styles and you'll see what I mean. Whether you're working in the ER, in pediatrics, maternity or even the lab, one of these scrubs is sure to get you compliments.

Uniform Advantage's Stringing Ornaments

This is my favorite. I love the dark background and the colorful Christmas lights. I mean, really, who doesn't like Christmas lights? These are perfect for any floor in the hospital, but they can also be worn by other types of care givers in other facilities. Wearing a cheerful top like this will get you loads of compliments, but will also help your patient's relax; they'll see you more as a person and less like the person who's going to ask them to drop their drawers so you can get their temp!

Uniform Advantage's Surfing Santa

If you can't see the photo that well, this is Santa on his surfboard. What, did you really think he spent 365 at the North Pole? These scrubs are adorable and children will be especially fond of them. If you live in L.A. or Texas, they're also highly appropriate, given that Christmas tends to be warm and sunny. But don't let that stop you if you live in New York; just cos there's a foot of snow outside doesn't mean you can't fantasize!

UA's Gingerbread Christmas

Gingerbread men are the epitome of Christmas, are they not? Ok, maybe Santa and Rudolf come first, but the Gingerbread man isn't so far behind. These are festive and playful enough for a pedi nurse, but also standard holiday-ish enough for anywhere else. People will love these! I love just looking at the photos!

UA's Joyful Santa

These are extremely popular. So much so, they are often sold out. Everyone loves Santa, and these scrubs have his happy face all over the place. Kids will love your scrubs, and so will adults. Typical red and green colors will make you one the most festive peeps on the unit. And they're cute!

UA's Bundled Buddies

This one is probably my second favorite. Who doesn't love penguins??? Every kid who's seen Happy Feet is going to want to be your friend. And why not? Look at those little faces.. too cute! And don't be afraid to wear these somewhere other than the pedi floor -- everyone loves penguins. Everyone!


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