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Clean and Clear Skin Care Products! You Deserve Fresh, Glowing, Blemish Free Skin!

Updated on January 27, 2014
Get rid of pimples! Try Clean and Clear Skin Care Products!
Get rid of pimples! Try Clean and Clear Skin Care Products!

Let's face it, when you are a young adult, what your skin looks like MATTERS! Of course, healthy skin is also a plus when you are older, however, when you are a teenager, it is extra important! Acne can be extremely embarrassing and difficult to get rid of. I know several college students that use Proactiv and they swear by it. If you have not heard of Proactiv, then obviously, you don't watch late night television as their infomercial is played NON-STOP!

Clean and Clear as GOOD as Proactiv!

The other day I saw a commercial for Clean and Clear Acne Products. When the announcer said their product was just as popular as Proactiv, my interest was piqued; I had to find out more! The Clean and Clear website is very helpful! If you are interested in their products, it is a great place to start as they help you to determine what your skin type is and how to handle different types of skin problems that you may be experiencing. In fact, Clean and Clear (which is a Johnson & Johnson company) believes that "The more you know about managing your skin, the better!" I agree, after all, if you don't know how to properly treat the type of skin that YOU have, you will most likely waste time and money on products that simply won't work.

Dissolving Foaming Cleanser

My wife has told me that one of the most important parts of her evening routine is removing her make-up. I guess this makes sense as any type of build-up on your skin (whether it be make-up, oil or dirt) can cause break-outs. Clean and Clear has a product (Make-Up Dissolving Foaming Cleanser) that gently lifts away dirt and oil…even WATER-PROOF make-up! It is an oil free product (which is great) therefore, there is never any type of oily residue left behind. If break-outs and acne are what you are dealing with then why not try the Clean and Clear Advantage Acne Control Kit? One thing I noticed about this skin care product was that it was tested in a clinical study and 100% (can't beat that!) of users had CLEARER skin in as little as ONE day! Now, that my skin challenged friends is impressive!

We all want fresh, vibrant, gorgeous skin!
We all want fresh, vibrant, gorgeous skin!
Voted one of the BEST!
Voted one of the BEST!

The Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit

The Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit comes with several different products including:

  • Step One: A gentle acne control cleanser that continues to fight break-outs even AFTER you are done using it!
  • Step Two: An acne control moisturizer that is extremely gentle while it works! This moisturizer helps to dissolve oil that is on your face.  Why is dissolving oil important? Well, if you put acne medication on TOP OF OIL…it will not be able to penetrate to the skin…which means that it will not be able to work properly.
  • Step Three: The final step, a fast clearing spot treatment that can actually show results in as little as eight hours! Wonderful! Not only does the spot treatment help to rid your face of pimples, it helps to prevent new ones!

Fighting acne and blemishes is as easy as One-Two-Three with the Clean and Clear Acne Control Kit and the best part is it is AFFORDABLE! Many skin care products that are on the market today are very expensive…and while it is hard to put a price on healthy, beautiful, glowing skin…it's always nice to be able to leave some money in the bank! Clean and Clear has MANY (and I mean, MANY) different types of skin care products (too many to mention here!). They are experts when it comes to skin care!

No matter what skin care product you choose (Obagi, Clean and Clear, Meaningful Beauty, or even Kiehls products for men), it is important to figure out what type of skin you have and go from there. There are MANY products on the market and many of them REALLY work! If you have tried several over-the-counter acne products and nothing seems to help, consider making an appointment with a dermatologist and get a professional opinion (sometimes we all need a little extra advice). After all, we all deserve beautiful, blemish free skin! Good luck!

We all want beautiful, fresh, glowing skin!
We all want beautiful, fresh, glowing skin!


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