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Color Contact Lenses - A Guide to Changing Your Eyes

Updated on July 30, 2014


This is a guide for people wanting to achieve a natural change in eye color by using color contact lenses. In this hub I will be focusing on changing your eye colour from blue using brands such as colorVue and Colorvision as these companies provide natural looking contacts and blended contact lenses which achieve a more realistic looking eye.

I'll be providing links to Eye Candy Lenses - A Color Contact Lenses retailer.

Blue Eyes

If you have natural blue eyes and you are looking to change the color using contact lenses, I would recommend considering grey contact lenses. Grey eyes are very rare naturally, but those lucky enough to have them are considered to be intelligent!

Feeling a little more extravagant? Some green contacts could be a good choice. Those with green eyes are said have great imagination, like madness and extravagance. These ColorVue 3-tone Green contacts would blend perfectly with blue eyes to create a greeny/blue effect that would really stand out.

Looking for a guide to brown eyes? Check out my other guide here


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