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Complete Your Winter Wardrobe with Reading Glasses

Updated on February 1, 2015

Your winter wardrobe does not always have to reflect the gloomy and cold feel of the winter season. In fact, if you want your attire to reflect a warmer and more outgoing personality, you can start by customizing the reading glasses you are wearing along with your look.

Your reading glasses can make or break your attire so it is important to choose the right eyewear for the right clothes. Some reading glasses, when mismatched and worn along with the inappropriate attire can make you look older than your real age. It can also become the center of distraction on your attire instead of adding flair to what might have been supposedly bland clothing.

When selecting the proper pair of reading glasses, consider three things: your face shape, the frame shape of the reading glasses and the color. These three qualities can affect the result of your attire in tremendous ways: matching the wrong frame shape with the wrong face shape could result in a more uneven attire or wearing the wrong frame color could make an older wearer look tacky or a younger wearer look older.

To choose the right frame shape for your face shape, start off by tying your hair in a tight bun (if your hair is long) and feeling the edges and contour of your face. Feel the angles around your face and deduce whether your face shape is square, heart, oval, triangle, and diamond.

Next, make sure to choose the proper frame color that will match your skin tone or attire. Some reading glasses are often used to add accents to your clothes, but oftentimes, they are used as additional ornaments to your clothes. To succeed with the right frames, choose a color that would complement your skin tone.

Finally, always consider your age and personality when choosing the right pair of reading glasses. Some reading glasses are ideal for adults, while others are ideal for younger wearers. Mismatching could affect your attire tremendously.


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