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Contact Lens Remover

Updated on September 27, 2010
Contact Lens Remover
Contact Lens Remover

A contact lens remover is an important item for those who wear hard and gas permeable contact lenses.  These lenses are occasionally hard to remove with the typical “popping out” method. 

Hard contact lenses tends to stick to the eye firmly by suction to the cornea.  This is where the contact lens remover comes in. A contact lens remover is often recommended by optometrists or ophthalmologist a contact lens remover especially if someone frequently loses their contact lenses.

Knowing how to properly use a contact lens remover will help a lot in taking hard contact lens off your eyes.  You have to make sure that you are wearing a contact lens before trying to remove them. 

People who forgets that they are not wearing any contact lenses often injure their eyes by poking a contact lens through it.  To check if you are wearing a contact lens, look through a mirror and observe the reflection of the lenses.

Once you are sure that you are wearing a contact lens, apply a few drops of rewetting solution to both eyes for lubrication.  You may also apply a drop of rewetting solution to dampen the suction cup of the contact lens remover. 
This next step is a little tricky but it’ll be easier as soon as you get the hang of it.  Directly place the contact lens remover in front of the contact lens.  The lens will stick to the plunger. Pull the plunger gently, and straight back from the eye.  The lens will be released easily then do the same steps for the other contact lens.

Always remember to avoid putting the contact lens remover directly on the surface of the eye as this could cause corneal abrasion and other eye injuries.  One more thing, do not use a contact lens remover if you are using a soft lens. 

Consult an eye doctor, if ever you are still having a hard time removing a contact lens even if its lubricated properly.


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      contacts without prescription 6 years ago

      Don't worry.. as long as you do not wear the contacts for a very long time while it continues to irritates you.. then it should be fine. Be sure to see an eye doctor when you feel like you need to and make sure to get the contact lenses from a good store. I hope this helped! =)