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CoverGirl Outlast Stay Fabulous 3 in 1 Foundation

Updated on May 20, 2013

I recently ran out of the Lioele BB Cream I have been using for a while. I decided to try a new foundation because the BB cream can only be ordered online. I looked up some reviews and there was a lot of hype about Covergirl's new foundation, Outlast Stay Fabulous 3-in-1 foundation. It is supposed to be a primer, have the coverage of concealer and a foundation. It also had SPF 20 which is good if you plan on being in the sun at all.


There is a pretty good selection of colors. There are 14 shades in all. I have fair skin and I bought the color classic ivory (810.) It has a little bit too much of a pink undertone for my skin, but I make it work with by setting it with a powder.


This foundation is light weight and feels really nice on my skin. It is fairly liquidy, but it makes it easy to blend. I would say that it is medium coverage and leaves a matte finish. I have oily skin and this product is one of the best I have found that does not make my face extra shiny. I normally need to blot a couple times a day, but I normally don't with this product. I am trying this for the first time in the winter, so we will see how it goes in the summer time. I don't think I would recommend this product for those who had dry skin, because it may dry your skin out even more. I have acne-prone skin and this product has not made me break out at all.

I find that this foundation lasts all day and looks just as good after work as it did when I just put it on without touching it up.


The packaging is nice. It comes in a glass bottle and it has a pump so its easy to use and is less messy then a twist off cap. It also prevents wasting a ton of product by pouring too much out.

Beauty Blender
Beauty Blender

How I Apply

I like to apply this foundation with a beauty blender. I will first wash, tone and moisturize my skin. Then I apply concealer to any blemishes I have and under my eyes. This product claims to be a concealer, but I don't think it has enough coverage for it. I haven't tried to apply it thicker in those spots, but I feel that it would look cakey and unnatural.

I then will wet the beauty blender and put a pump of the foundation on the back of my hand. I dip the beauty blender in the foundation and start dabbing it on my cheeks and blending it outwards. I usually need to put another half pump on the back of my hand for my forehead and nose. I put more on the beauty blender when needed.

I lightly dust a setting powder over the foundation and then use blush and finish with eye makeup and I am good to go!

Overall I am very glad that I tried this foundation. I hate to say it, but I think I like it even more than the BB cream I was using. If you are looking for a medium-coverage foundation that will not make your face super oily and that is long lasting, this is a must try!

It is around $10 at the drugstore, which is a little bit pricey for a drugstore product, but it is definitely worth the price!


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