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Creed Silver Mountain Water Review

Updated on September 16, 2015

Creed Silver Mountain Water

Are you looking to buy Creed Silver Mountain Water or are you interested in product information? Creed Silver Mountain Water emerged onto the cologne market in 1995. The intention of Creed with Silver Mountain Water is to capture the aquatic aroma of water streams that pour through out the snowy mountains found in Switzerland. The intention is also to recreate that wintery-crisp air with hints of aquatic notes to distinguish the scent from competitors. Creed Silver Mountain Water is a luxurious cologne for men of all types and is one of twenty or more scents by Creed that is geared towards men. The beginning of the house of Creed started in 1790 and since then, has become one of the most famous fragrance brands of all time due to the company creating fragrances for royalty through out the world.

Creed Silver Mountain Water: Fragrance

The scent of Silver Mountain Water by Creed is created from fragrance notes of Galbanum, Sea Salt, Chinese Green Tea, Sicilian Mandarin, Petitgrain, Blackcurrant Bud, Sandalwood, Musk, Italian Bergamot, Ambergris and Neroli. Creed Silver Mountain water is scent that has a hint of citrus and characteristics of being a “fresh,” aquatic-clean aroma. After application, this Creed cologne opens up with the tea and citrus notes followed by aquatic-fresh aromas for the dry down process.


Silver Mountain Water comes in the traditional bottle design like many other Creed fragrances and colognes. The bottle of Silver Mountain Water has the same flask like appearance that is white in coloring. The cap is silver in coloring with the crown royalty logo embossed on the top. The title of the cologne is printed in silver lettering towards the bottom front on the bottle. Creed is embossed into the bottle towards the top front.

The box of Creed Silver Mountain Water is rectangular and white in coloring. The front of the box features a silver square tag that is centered in silver coloring. The lettering of the title and producer are in white lettering due to the background of the box.

“Milleseme” a French term, which means “vintage year,” is printed in silver lettering towards the bottom of the box.

Creed Silver Mountain Water - A luxury cologne designed for fine men.
Creed Silver Mountain Water - A luxury cologne designed for fine men.

Creed Silver Mountain Water: Aroma Use and Longevity

Silver Mountain Water, as it is a fine cologne, has great silage and is make from superior ingredients; thus, users can expect that the scent will last all day without a touch up needed.

Creed Silver Mountain Water is appropriate for men of all ages and can be worn for night or daytime use.

Creed Silver Mountain Water retails around $250 and above for a 4.0 ounce bottle in fine retails stores; thus, online buyers will be able to pick this cologne up via online and save quite a bit of money.

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    • profile image

      Frankie 7 years ago

      I found the Creed cologne has its own standard in term of packaging and the notes. The silver mountain is giving a freshness and wonderful morning kick start for a day.