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Custom Shirts Perfect for Your Work Uniforms

Updated on August 1, 2012

Not all companies are like those in the Silicon Valley where what you wear to work is not important as long as you are smart and savvy. These days many companies require their employees to wear custom shirts and pants or custom made uniforms. The perfect work uniforms for any company is not easy to come by. But getting the work uniforms that’s just right for your company is critical since the uniforms market your business. The uniforms your employees wear will create the first impression on your guests or clients or improve your images. These work uniforms that your employees would wear every day at work makes them more visible and thus motivate your employees to work at their best.

When choosing your uniforms, always remember that it is not the price that makes it fashionable and comfortable. There are cheap work clothes that can be worn that gives your company the friendly image you want simply because your employees are happy and comfortable with their work clothes as they work, cheap it may be. There are different kinds of uniform shirts so it is important to consider the industry your company is in, who in your company will be wearing the uniforms, the responsibilities of the employees, and their overall style and appearance. There are different shirts and polo shirts available that can be use for work uniforms but most companies want custom shirts with their logos embroidered on it so it can serve as a 24/7 ad for the company.

Long-sleeve corporate shirts from Red House and Port Authority.
Long-sleeve corporate shirts from Red House and Port Authority. | Source

Corporate Shirts

Choosing your corporate uniforms, especially the corporate shirts, which will really represent your company, can be a little tricky. It is crucial that they not only look good for some but to the whole workforce. The correct corporate shirt should be suited to your employees, your workplace as well as your profession. Corporate shirts in solid colors are better than those with bright prints and patterns that may not suit everybody. Always remember though that once you have custom shirts embroidered they should be worn properly since perceptions on everybody creates the image of your company, whether right or wrong.

Automotive Uniform Shirts

Those who work in the automotive industry know how important it is to look good when with customers but it is doubly important that these uniform shirts are comfortable. Breathability is one of the factors to consider especially because the working conditions in the industry can be intense at times what with tight places, extreme temperature, and fast-moving equipment. Let us not forget the additional rime pressure there is to get the job done and done right at that. There are two kinds of automotive uniform shirts: generic and dealers logo shirts. Generic shirts are those which can be used by all workers in the automotive industry while dealer logo shirts are those embroidered with the manufacturer of the car they work on. Generic shirts can also become custom shirts with embroidery of your company and the name of the employee. Different styles like short and long-sleeve gives a bigger selection in order that unique needs of each worker is met. When choosing the automotive custom shirts for your employees choose the ones which can combine professional look with functionality and comfort and your employees would enjoy working, be able to do more and would be able to interact better with clients.

Long-sleeve Red Kap Work Shirts
Long-sleeve Red Kap Work Shirts
Short-sleeve Red Kap Work Shirts
Short-sleeve Red Kap Work Shirts

Work Uniform Shirts

Finding the work shirts that’s best for your company is important not only in creating the best impression for your company but ensuring that your employees will feel comfortable all day long as they do their work. Work shirts need to be durable as well as professional. Consider getting a variety of styles, colors and fabrics that will work best for the duties of the employees, the type of work, the environment and workplace, as well as the sizes and shapes of your employees. Consider the fabric suited for those whose employees would be working regularly outside of the office. In this case, heavy cotton work shirts might not be the ideal choice. Also, consider if what works best for your company would be short or long-sleeve work shirts.

Salon Uniforms / Spa Wear

With the rise of spa and salons in hotels and resorts, there is a need to outfit your employees with the right and proper salon uniforms and spa wear. Salon and spa uniform shirts and tunics come in different styles, colors, sizes and brands that your spa staff would love to wear every day at work. One factor to consider when getting your salon uniforms is that these are made with easy-wear and easy-care fabric blends that make each garment soft and comfortable. A style that looks good and still keeps your employees cool is also important in order that they can care for your clientele better. Custom shirts in salon uniforms can easily be made thru low-cost embroidery that can add your salon or spa’s logo and the name of your employee so that customers can easily identify with them.

Hi-Visibility Shirts

There are agencies and companies whose employees work in an environment where there are a lot of moving machineries or poor lighting conditions or they need to work despite poor weather conditions. In this case they need highly visible cheap work clothes, which can either be shirts that have highly reflective properties or may have retroreflective strips that would make them visible from afar or in the dark. During the day, these hi-visibility uniform shirts may be made with very bright colors thru fluorescent materials, usually in yellow or orange like the custom shirt in the photo.

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    • profile image

      Get Perfect Shirts 3 years ago

      A well dressed man always looks good and sensitive person to everyone. So whether you are an employee or an individual, wear that dress that perfectly suits to your work.

    • profile image

      Jennifer 4 years ago

      I have to say that overall I'm really pleased with this blog.It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. I wish I had your writing ability I will enjoy much more posts and will be coming back..

    • Marie-Renee profile image

      Renee 5 years ago

      Thanks Brett.Tesol for reading my hub, the kind comment and the follow. Sorry, it took so long for me to read this message, I never saw that I still had several comments to reply to or even read for that matter, my bad.

    • Brett.Tesol profile image

      Brett Caulton 5 years ago from Thailand

      Good tips, you cover quite a range. We use uniforms for school outings, but they are relaxed in style so that both teachers and students can enjoy the trip.

      Thanks for SHARING.