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Cute Alternatives to Crocs-for Women who Like Comfort and Function but Hate Clunky Shoes

Updated on June 26, 2009
Regular Crocs felt a little...clunky.
Regular Crocs felt a little...clunky.

From English Major to Construction Management- How I found Crocs

 Let me tell you a little story about an innocent lass who found the blessing of Crocs in her most desperate hour. After graduating college our heroine had to let go of her favorite flip flops, as they weren't really work appropriate attire. So, she got some cute and sensible flats for student teaching, and things went swimmingly, until one lovely day when she got her first real job, as a project management assistant on a construction site. And her sensible, leather flats, got caked in mud.

What was she to do? It seemed hopeless. Until one day a savvy mother-in-law pointed the girl towards some Crocs. They were roomy, comfortable, and could be washed in the sink with the dishes after work. Hooray! But still, it felt like something was missing. The Crocs were so big and clunky, sometimes the girl felt like Cinderella's older, ogre-toed step-sister. So she went on a journey to find cute shoes that could be hosed off at the end of the day, and here's what she found.

Crocs Alice

 At last the lass found true shoe love in the form of Crocs' Alice style shoes. Made of the same stuff that regular clog-style Crocs are, the Alice style shoes were much slimmer and more stylish, but still very comfortable. They even came with stimulating little nubs inside to stop slippage. The only negative thing about the Alice style? The front end came down a little low and showed more toe-cleavage than the conservative girl liked.

Crocs Malindi

 Of course, no gal can survive on one pair of shoes, so the lass went looking for more, flirty plastic shoes to wear to work and play. She needed something that would look perfect with a skirt without leaving her toenails caked in leftover spackle. So, not unlike our dearly departed Crocodile Hunter, the girl went out into the wilderness, and found a strange and exotice beast called Malindi. (Look at those great big scales!) Anyhow, Malindi was light as a feather and cute to boot, and made all those other slingbacks seem boring somehow. But is the hunt ever really over?

Crocs Ginger

 On the next trip out the girl found herself on a boat with a man named Gilligan, and somehow ended up on an island! Fear not however, because there was Ginger to save her, or rather Crocs Ginger style shoes. For those tropical tiki nights our heroine had comfortable, bouncy, high-heeled maryjanes to flounce around it. They were much more comfortable than heels with hard plastic or wood bases, and made her calves look nice without giving her blisters. She even wore them after she was rescued.

Crocs Nanook

 Unfortunately the plane crashed after her rescue, and our heroine found herself stranded in the North Pole (pilot was drunk). Her Crocs Ginger shoes were a bit high maintenance for the Arctic, and her Crocs Alice shoes let cold drafts down her toe cleavage. Luckily the girl found solace in Crocs Nanook, with a warm and fuzzy lining that only made these ballet flats even cuter. They worked with both her snowsuit and her igloo lingerie, and made a nice change from snow boots. However, she wouldn't recommend them for summertime frolicking.

Crocs Olivia

 Finally, the girl found her way home. She hung her shoes up in her closet like badges of honor and breathed the fresh air. But she still needed one more pair of shoes as a welcome home gift for herself. So, to start of a new chapter of comfort and stability she bought a pair of Crocs Olivia. Another pair of slingbacks, Crocs Olivia were a bit more casual and less prissy than their Malindi cousins, and were just right for being back at home, where the heart belongs.

Crocs Don't have to Be Ugly

 As you can see from the parable of our travelling friend, comfortable Crocs shoes don't have to be ugly, and they don't just belong to gardeners or busy moms. Crocs are for everyone. So stop denying it, and enjoy more comfortable feet today.

P.S. Our girl manages to not get lost anymore, she mostly makes her husband or her dogs drive.


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    • profile image

      wordscribe41 8 years ago

      Great hub. I agree crocks are not the most attractive... I've seen some of these more attractive styles around. Thanks for the information.

    • caitlinlea profile image

      caitlinlea 8 years ago from Texas

      Very humourous and useful...=-D

      Thanks for sharing!!

    • Lgali profile image

      Lgali 8 years ago

      very nice hub again

    • Enelle Lamb profile image

      Enelle Lamb 8 years ago from Canada's 'California'

      I am definitely going to check out the croc selection where I live - they sound perfect! Thanks for the great information - I never would have considered them, as I don't like looking like a cheap rendition of the little dutch girl!