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Darth Vader is My Hair Dresser

Updated on July 12, 2014

Do you spend hours every day just styling your hair? On a different note, are you a die-hard Star Wars fan? If you say yes to both, then this product concept will be something worth checking out.

Introducing: the Darth Vader Hair Dryer by Tembolat Gugkaev of Russia. As featured on his Behance Network profile, the creator brilliantly merged one of the most iconic bad guys of all time, with something as simple as your average hair dryer.

You might ask, so like where's the rest of Darth Vader? Even without the complete black Darth Vader helmet and mask, you can easily recognize the hair dryer's character just by looking at the air vents. If you listen a little more closely at your hair dryer, you might even hear Vader's heavy breathing!

As this is just a product concept for the moment, it's hard to say when Gugkaev will decide to mass produce and market his Darth Vader hair dryers. But still, it would be awesome to have this hair styling equipment on hand any time you need to tame those frizzy tresses.

If your girlfriend, sister, or mommy is a geek, or a Star Wars fan girl, this cool product will make an excellent gift! You can add the Darth Vader hair dryer to your list of great gifts for geeky women.

So next time an envious friend asks, "Who did your hair?" You can proudly say, "Darth Vader's my hair dresser." And you can learn more about this exciting product concept plus other geeky Star Wars memorabilia through this write up I made on Walyou.


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    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      AAAAAAAH!!!! I NEED THIS HAIRDRYER!!! How awesome is that???