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Womens Denim - Buy Jeans Online

Updated on March 12, 2010

Denim Jeans

Designer denim, such as Diesel, Guess and Notify have given way to some of the earliest of brands.  But, jeans still have to be the number one most popular fashion item. Although the styling has changed over the years, they have been around since as early as 1873. They were first designed by Jacob David and Levi Strauss as work overalls. The durable denim just continued to grow in popularity.

In 1960, the term "jeans" came into being as the general population started wearing them as a daily apparel item. It's no wonder they became so popular with their durabilty and comfort. Back then it seems that everyone had a pair of Levi's. Now the choices of brands are endless.

Over the years, the comfort factor has grown significantly. The blending of lycra and the softer washes allow the jeans to move with our bodies. With so many wonderful choices, everyone should be able to find a comfortable fit and style. I have researched a few brands to give you some tips.

Notify Jeans
Notify Jeans

Notify Jeans

 While researching denim jeans for women, I came upon a wonderful brand of jeans.  They are different than the average jeans in the way they are taylor made.  The brand is Notify Jeans. 

Special care is taken in the design of these jeans to make them taylor fit to a woman's natural curves.  The designers have gone so far as to give particular attention to pocket placement.  This is something I have always been picky about.  They use a 45 degree cut on the pocket fabric for just the right look.  To get the washed look, these jeans are washed and brushed by hand without the use of bleaches or acids.

Every pair of their jeans has the Notify label hand stitched on the waistline!  Obviously these aren't mass produced.  You can find them in New York at the retail stores Scoop and Bergdorf Goodman.

Click thumbnail to view full-size
Ramys bootcut Diesel jeansRamys Diesel - back viewRonhary straight-leg Diesel jeans with worn washRonhary worn wash - back viewRonhary straigh-leg Diesel jean with dark washRonhary dark wash - back viewWhite House Black Market   black jeanWhite House - black jean   back viewWhite House Black Market   blue jeanWhite House - blue jean   back viewWhite House Black Market -   cloud washWhite House - cloud wash   back view
Ramys bootcut Diesel jeans
Ramys bootcut Diesel jeans
Ramys Diesel - back view
Ramys Diesel - back view
Ronhary straight-leg Diesel jeans with worn wash
Ronhary straight-leg Diesel jeans with worn wash
Ronhary worn wash - back view
Ronhary worn wash - back view
Ronhary straigh-leg Diesel jean with dark wash
Ronhary straigh-leg Diesel jean with dark wash
Ronhary dark wash - back view
Ronhary dark wash - back view
White House Black Market   black jean
White House Black Market black jean
White House - black jean   back view
White House - black jean back view
White House Black Market   blue jean
White House Black Market blue jean
White House - blue jean   back view
White House - blue jean back view
White House Black Market -   cloud wash
White House Black Market - cloud wash
White House - cloud wash   back view
White House - cloud wash back view

Trends Vs. Classic

I did a study on the upcoming trends in denim for 2010. If you like exposing your body, you might go for the new ripped jean trend. I'm not talking about a few tears. What I was seeing was rips across the seat and thighs. I don't know about you, but I don't really want my bottom hanging out. Frankly, I really don't want to see anybody's bottom hanging out. Some things should just be left covered up. Plus, it seems like those who could get away with it wouldn't wear those jeans and those who shouldn't, would.

Another trend is the very worn looking cloudy wash. This is not a bad look, very comfy and casual looking. Combine that wash with some small tears and you have a very trendy vintage look. Kind of like wearing a very old pair of favorite jeans and yet the cut is current.

I like to wear jeans when I go out at night and so I like the newer dark washes and black jeans. They can be dressed up easily and are a bit more classic looking. Black jeans can look especially dressy in a bootcut with a nice pair of pointed toe boots.

Skinny jeans are quite popular but you have to be really skinny to wear them. Straight leg is another option that is not quite so tight. I think the most flattering cut is probably the boot cut, especially when worn with a little heal.

A couple of my favorite jeans are Diesel and White House Black Market jeans. The cut, quality and styling are all outstanding.  I also happened upon another great brand, Christopher Blue Jeans, that should offer exceptional comfort and style.  Their Juku jean looks to be an especially flattering style for women.  It is not meant to be tight fitting but is cut to flatter a woman's curves.  The jean retains it shape with the blending of lycra which also allows for comfort and stretch.

Buy Jeans - Available From Amazon

Amazon offers several styles from Diesel, which are an excellent brand of jean. When it comes to getting a good fitting jean, it definitely pays off to spend a little more. I would rather have one or two pairs of good fitting jeans than several pairs that don't quite fit or feel right.

Guess jeans are a more affordable option with some great styling. Whether you like skinny leg, bootcut or a straight leg style, Guess has it all. They also come in a wide range of washes, including the popular cloudy wash.

Amazon is currently offering free shipping and free returns on denim which makes it extra nice for shopping from home. 

Ann Taylor denim jacket
Ann Taylor denim jacket
Ann Taylor denim skirt
Ann Taylor denim skirt

Denim Apparel

 We love wearing denim jeans, why not other denim apparel?  I found some very nice styles from Ann Taylor Loft.

Denim jackets are pretty popular but this one I found is a little more unique.  I like the "dressed up" styling of it.  With this, you could either really dress it up with black pants and some nice jewelry or you could also dress it down with khakis and a white tee shirt.  It seems a little more versatile to me than the traditional jean jacket.

The skirt is also a little more flambouyant than the traditional straight denim skirt.  I love it!  This has "fun" written all over it.  This would be great for a night out or an afternoon shopping, dressed up or down.

More Shopping

I found some similar styles to the Ann Taylor skirt and jacket on Amazon. The skirt is from Gap and I love the style. The look is very much the same as Ann Taylor for a fraction of the cost. With the denim being a little softer and pleated than a traditional denim skirt, it offers more comfort.

The blazer is from bebe and the styling is very trendy. There is nothing boring about it. The way it fits the body is flattering to a woman's shape.

Interesting Facts

  •  The Smithsonian Institution has a pair of original Levi's jeans as part of their collection.
  • Sailors from the port of Genoa, Italy, known as Genes, came up with the word "jeans" from the cotton workpants they wore.
  • In 1885, a pair of Levi waist overally cost only $1.25.
  • A survey shows that seven out of ten Americans would pick jeans as their first choice for casual apparel.


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