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Buy Shoes Online: Womens Comfort and Style

Updated on October 4, 2010

Fashion plus Comfort

Shoes have to be a girls best friend. Seriously, you just can't have too many - unless they hurt your feet. Then the things are useless. What good is it to have a gorgeous pair of shoes that you can only wear for two minutes because they end up hurting your feet so bad you just want to kick them off and go barefoot? I feel somewhat passionate about that.

This became particularily important to me after I broke my big toe a couple of years ago. After surgery and crutches for six weeks - yeah it was serious! - I needed comfortable shoes to start walking again. Boy did I find them. I of course had to resort to flat shoes. Luckily, it was summer so they could be sandals. I found a pair of brown Birkenstocks with black ruffles under the leather and rhinestones on top. They were a little embellished but I am a shoe lover and if I had to go flat and comfy, they were going to be snazzy! Oh they were comfortable - just what I needed. I also bought a pair of cream Born sandals that were more simple but just as comfortable. But my absolute favorite and most comfortable ever were my black patent Mila Paoli sandals and they had rhinestones on the buckle! I still wear all three pair. I had never known before that shoes could be made so comfortable since style had always been my number one concern. Now that my toe is fully healed, I am back to wearing heals as well.

One of my all time favorite designers, and I should buy stock in her shoes, is Anne Klein. I have several pair. The styling is always chic and I've found them to be comfortable. Recently, I've gotten even braver and gotten heals that are about three inches. They are Steve Madden and I absolutely love them. A lot of that had to do with the influence of my daughter who is always wearing stillettos as a model. I was so surprised, after wearing my heals for several hours, that my feet didn't get sore. I will be buying more of his shoes!

mephisto shoes
mephisto shoes

Mephisto Walking Shoes

Since my absolute favorite and most comfortable sandals are my Mila Paoli, and I cannot find the exact style for sale now, I found something very close.

These Mephisto shoes are of the exact styling of my sandals less the rhinestone buckle. They have the same cork footbead and are anatomically designed for extreme comfort. The low 3/4 inch heel is perfect for walking.

I would highly recommend this brand as well as the Mila Paoli's. This type of shoe is now the only kind I take with me to New York where I walk everywhere. I don't get any blisters and my feet stay happy! 

If you are looking for Mila Paoli's, I have found some online at Brand Handbag Deals.  Another good place to try is Zappos.

Comfortable Shoes

I would like to showcase all of the shoes I like but then that would take pages! Here is just a sampling from some of the brands I especially like.

These brands are known to be comfortable and I know from experience that they are. I actually own the exact style of the Steve Madden shoe although mine are a light taupe with a natural cork heel. Amazingly they are comfortable, even with the heel height.

Since I have switched over to comfort brand shoes, I don't have problems with my feet like I used to. There was a time I suffered from ingrown toenails from wearing squishy toed shoes that were much too high for a closed toe.

Look for shoe brands that advertise comfort. They will have soft padding, well proportioned heels, and soft straps. Always try both shoes on and walk with them. You should know right away if they are not comfortable.

Beautifeel boot
Beautifeel boot
Beautifeel shoe
Beautifeel shoe

BeautiFeel Shoes

 If you want a high quality comfort shoe for this Fall and Winter, you can't go wrong with BeautiFeel shoes. 

I especially like their collection of boots and shoes but they also offer sandals.  There are some key factors which make these shoes so comfortable:

  1. They are made with quality leathers.
  2. Soft padding cushions the foot.
  3. Built with latex soles
  4. They have stable, well proportioned heels.
  5. BeautiFeel uses advanced sewing and construction technology

These shoes are readily available at online shoe stores or at Amazon.

teva shoes
teva shoes
new balance shoes
new balance shoes
propet shoes
propet shoes

Athletic Shoes

Athletic shoes are probably the best all around walking shoe. You can wear them in any kind of weather so they are very versatile.

The styling of athletic shoes has come along way. No longer do you have to wear the pure white gym shoe. Teva shoes offer some nice unique styling as well as Propet shoes.

The most popular walking shoe is probably New Balance - at least I see these on a lot of feet. They must be comfortable!

If you have to do a lot of walking, it makes sense to save your feet with these. 


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    • idigwebsites profile image

      idigwebsites 4 years ago from United States

      Great tips - thanks!

    • clearblue99 profile image

      clearblue99 7 years ago from Clear Blue Sky

      Excellent hub info! An informative read.

    • Song-Bird profile image

      Renee Hanlon 8 years ago from Michigan

      I too have a thing for shoes! You just can't have too many :). I'm glad you enjoyed it networkrecruiting!

    • networkrecruiting profile image

      networkrecruiting 8 years ago from Spicy Alabama

      I am a shoe addict so this hub is one of my favorite. Thank you I enjoyed it.