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Discount Coach Handbags at the Coach Factory Outlet Store

Updated on November 10, 2016
Coach Factory Outlet Store
Coach Factory Outlet Store | Source

If you want to find yourself a great discount Coach handbag, your best bet is to go straight to the ultimate source for them - the Coach Factory Outlet Store. With Coach outlet locations all over the US, they usually aren't too difficult to find and by shopping directly with Coach you can stop worrying about counterfiet handbags and other problems that you might encounter if you take the risk of shopping at some place like Ebay for a Coach purse.

Now, this isn't to say that you shouldn't shop online. You certainly can find some great discounts on Coach purses and handbags online, but only if you know exactly what you are looking for and can comfortably validate a Coach purse as authentic.

Watch out for fake Coach bags

If you don't know Coach bags well enough to verify authenticity yourself, you can always check with the folks on the PurseForum. They are usually pretty good about helping you authenticate a handbag as long as you have clear photos to share with them.

How to Spot a Fake Coach Handbag

Coach Retail vs Factory Outlet

One thing to keep in mind while shopping at the Coach Factory Outlet is that for the most part you will not see the same bags at the factory outlet that they sell at the regular retail stores. Approximately 90% of the bags sold in the outlet are specifically manufactured for the Outlet. However, if you are really looking for a retail Coach bag at a great price, persistence and knowledge will pay off because off-season or overstocked retail handbags will definitely end up in the factory outlet stores. Finding a retail Coach bag that you really like may take multiple visits to the store though. It's all about timing!

Also, always make sure you are on the mailing list for the factory stores as coupons are common. You can check out my hub on how to get Coach Factory Outlet Coupons for more info about that before you go.

Coach Shopping Tip!

If you are looking for an authentic "retail" bag, be sure to check the handbag's item number. Bags manufactured for the Outlets all have the letter "F" at the beginning of the item number. Retails bags just have a number. The tags are different as well. Look for the coach and horses if you want a retail bag. Factory bags just have the brand name printed on them.

Coach Retail vs Coach Factory Outlet

When it comes to indulging in handbag shopping, there's really nothing like visiting the outlet stores -- where you'll find lot of handbags to consider and you'll be able to model it yourself to see how it looks hanging from your shoulder.

If I'm looking for leather, I like to be able to touch the bags directly. There's something extremely tactile about leather so when I'm shopping for a new leather handbag, I like to be able to run my hands over the leather and get a taste of how it will feel to carry it about every day. Also, there's nothing like the smell of high quality leather and I like to experience it in person.

Now let's take a look at a few of my favorite Coach handbags.

Coach Ruby Red Patent Leather Tote

Coach Ruby Red Patent Leather Tote
Coach Ruby Red Patent Leather Tote

Coach makes lots of gorgeous purses, so I'm going to start you off with some of my favorites. My top faves is patent leather. I just love the shine and gloss of patent leather, especially in gorgeous bright colors. So I'll start you off with my fave bag in RED! It is this sexy Ruby Red Patent Leather Tote Bag. Note it has a nice long strap attached for wearing over the shoulder, or you can remove that strap for toting by hand.

Coach Pop Art Poppy Tote

COACH Pop Art Poppy Tote Bag
COACH Pop Art Poppy Tote Bag

Oh I love these Pop Art Poppy Bags. The Tote is on display here, but my favorite is always the shoulder bag as I hate carrying handbags in my hand. I always feel like I'm going to put them down and leave them someplace since I am what you might call... forgetful. No, instead I sling them across my shoulder and then keep a one-handed death grip on the bag when I'm out in public.

But no matter what your favorite Coach bag style, you should be able to find what you are looking for here as Coach makes the Pop Art Poppy bags in totes, shoulder bags, and even a cute little wristlet.

Coach Poppy Signature Sateen Shoulder Bag

Coach Poppy Sateen Shoulder Bag
Coach Poppy Sateen Shoulder Bag

Here's another great Coach Poppy bag. This one is Sateen and comes in beige with a fuschia strap and other touches of color. It's a great look, a bit more subtle that the Op Art bags and a bit more dashing than the traditional bags. I like it because I can wear it over the shoulder or across my body. It has a nice long strap, 45 inches to be exact. If you prefer not to wear it across your body, you can also swap it out for an 8 inch strap, so it is a very versatile bag.

Also, it's not too large. I find with really big handbags, I'm prone to filling them up, which makes my shoulders and back ache as I lug around what amounts to a few bricks in my purse. I can never find anything either. But with the Coach Signature Print Sateen handbag, I can stick the necessary items (like my iPod) in the front compartment of the purse, and everything else tucks right inside and easy to find.


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