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The Best Double Automatic Watch Winders

Updated on June 17, 2011

Automatic watch winders have been somewhat of a new invention. They first appeared a couple decades ago; they were simple then, old school in color and design, but effective. Since then they have evolved into more advanced, more efficient, piece of technology, and the main example of that is the double automatic watch winder. The premise for it is simple - it's a automatic watch winder that has the exact space for two watches.

Just for a moment think of the possibilities:

You and your girlfriend, wife, whatever, both have a watch. You used to fight over who would get to use the watch winder, endless hours of bantering, pointless fighting (I'm probably over exaggerating, but you get the idea.) Then suddenly the greatest invention of all comes along: the double automatic watch winder. No more fights, just continuous bliss for eternity.

The double automatic watch winder is built with the same style and with same level of quality and efficiency.


Here is a list of the best double automatic watch winders:


Belocia Double Automatic Watch Winder

Price: $60

The Belocia double automatic watch winder is fairly new to the marketplace, but that doesn't take away from it's high quality. It's silent motor and directional controls make it the perfect companion for whatever room you put it in; it has a futuristic look, one that is a mix of modern with a little tint of old school. It is built with an IC timer that will rotate the watch for 1 hour and then rest for 3 hours, simulating what it would be most like to be on your wrist. If you like prestige then you will like the interior of this double automatic watch winder. It is lined with smooth white faux calf-hide; in other words its the nice place your watch will ever reside in.


  • Includes 110V or 240V AC Adapters.
  • Virutally silent.
  • Cheap and looks good.
  • Interior lined with cow hide.
  • Features an IC timer.

Jomashop Black Automatic Watch Winder

Price: $80

This one has all the bells and whistles. It will rotate your watches clockwise, or counter-clock wise - the choice is yours. And that pretty much sums up this double automatic watch winder. The choice is yours. You can choose from four winding settings: auto rotate 6, rest 30; auto rotate 6, rest 30 anti-clockwise; auto rotate 20, rest 10; auto rotate 20, rest 10 anti-clockwise. It also has an adjustable base to fit any size and any type of watch; additionally there are two blue LEDs to help you choose and adjust these settings. It is, in the end, of the jack of all trades for double automatic watch winders.


  • Four winding settings.
  • Blue LED lights.
  • Can fit any size of watch.
  • Cheap.
  • An abundant of choices and settings.

Double Automatic Watch Winder One Turntable

Price: $120

This is my personal favorite. This is could mainly be because it just looks so good. Its exterior is made from dark red wine wood finish with 2 sides that are made out of see-through glass so you can always keep an eye on your watch. Inside it is lined with cream fax leather; it even includes a bottom drawer where you can keep any extra watch pieces or other jewelry. Besides looking good it is also a very good watch winder; it has four settings, and adjustable bases, so it can fit any size and any type of watch.


  • Hardwood exterior.
  • Interior lined with leather.
  • Extra drawer.
  • Four settings.
  • Adjustable base.

Sharper Image Double Automatic Watch Winder

Price: ---

A classic double automatic watch winder. It does all you ask it of and no more; it doesn't have any of the fancy features and leather-line interior, and doesn't need to. It does it's job and that, for some, is a good thing. It has a built-in timer that will never over wind your watches; it has a glass top so you'll always be able to see your watch being wound; and it has a strong exterior that is both durable and portable.


  • Winds two watches at once.
  • Built-in timer.
  • Can fit both large and small watches at once.
  • Battery backup, therefore portable.
  • Leather case for travel.


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