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Orbita Watch Winder Review

Updated on June 21, 2011

The Automatic Watch Winder

For the last few decades Orbita has been the leader in watch winder technology.  They have the motto to always keep automatic watches wound, ready for any kind of change, to handle all the ebb and flows of time - or something like that.  The automatic watch winder has been one of the best and most convenient watch inventions and it has - in nice metaphorical twist - given users more time, by keeping the time. 

An automatic watch winder is the perfect accesory for your watch.  When you are not using it, just place it inside of the automatic watch winder - they come in all sorts of shapes, colors and sizes - and it will do the winding for.  It simulates the movement of the wrist, and thus will continually keep the time when you are not using it.  It's the perfect resting place for your watch, almost like a recharger of sorts.  When you're ready to use it again, it will be ready to go. 


With that in mind, here is the Orbita Watch Winder Review:



The Orbita watch winder is one of the nicest looking watch winders on the market. They come in fine hardwood cases, and - if requested - can come special, hand-stitched, leather. Orbita watch winders have been around for decades now, and the range of different styles has grown vast. You can either settle for an older, cheaper one - a fine hardwood or leather stitched like mentioned - or go for a more state of the art on. Both get the job done fine; the latter may be more expensive, but will have more options and features from you to choose from.

The interior of the Orbita watch winder is where it has the most quality. Some watch winders will have space for up to ten different watches, while some will just be for a single or a couple watches. Each watch, however, will have what is kind of like it's own 'station', where it will be sealed from any dust or outside particles. This ensures your watches longevity, as well as the quality of its bezel and bracelet.

They come in many different colors - red, black, even see-through - as well as many different sizes and prices. The bottom line is if you want to get a watch winder, there is a very good change that one of the Orbita watch winders will be for you.



Quality, for me, is a combination of factors. It could be, depending on the product, appearance, how well it works, the value of the price, as well as many other things. For the Orbita watch winder, I believe the most important aspects are the appearance, how well it winds the watch, as well as the value. If all of these things mesh together nicely then the watch winder a definite buy; if not, then no.

One of the greatest pluses for Orbita watch winders is that they are very easy to use. Most of the Orbita watch winders will use a small motor to slowly turn the winding unit. The entire process is even simple, ingenious even. The motor will spin for some minutes before releasing the watch; the momentum will then carry over and cause the watch, which is attached to the body of the winder, to swing, and this is what mimics the movement of a wrist moving. The entire process is almost completely silent.

Orbita watch winders are also very well known to never fail; and when I mean never, I mean never. Unlike other watch winders, the Orbita is built so simply and securely that it's failure rate is very low. This gives it great value: once you buy it, you'll never have to buy another.

Another thing to note is that Orbita watch winders comes in both AC and battery format. This makes them very portable. Those business trips just got a lot more punctual.


The Verdict

The Orbita watch winder is everything you can ask for in an automatic watch winder.  It has the perfect style coming in any kind of appearance.  If you want it to look older buy a fine hardwood version; if you want a retro look then buy the leather stitched one; if like futuristic there are plenty of options for you. 

It also has, hands down, the best efficiency and value on the market.  It will never fail on you, will take up almost no space, and will be virtually silent; plus it looks good so, if anything, it will add to whatever room you put it in. 

The Verdict?  I think you already know.  The Orbita watch winders are the best automatic watch winders on the market and if you don't have one already...

What are you waiting for?


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    • profile image

      Trevor 3 years ago

      Review by Y. Song for Rating: I love the pin puller the most. The bototm of it is very thin so that it slides under the pin very easily. This was something that was not as easy to use on my $2.50 string winder. The cutter was also fun to use. Snips very easily, but the grip is not that easy to maneuver. Still it is a very effective tool.The string winder was also very good. My hands don't move in a perfect circular motion, and no where near it either, but this seems to help me achieve that fairly well, compared to my $2.50 string winder.I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is planning on changing strings.

    • profile image

      Ashley 3 years ago

      Review by M. Cobb for Rating: Dont you love it when a product:-does what it clmias-does it well-is a good deal?I used my PlanetWaves Pro for the first time last night. The pin puller works smoothly, and the string winder doesnt come unscrewed constantly like every other one I've owned! The componenet that really made my day was the string cutter. The blade' aint that sharp, but easily whacks the end of a low E string. Since there is only a little exposed metal, all of which is smooth and rounded, the risk of scratching your guitar is minimal, and the small cutting head makes it easy to trim the string very close to the peg. The Pro String Winder appears to be well built, and I suspect that it will last me quite a while. Even if if conks out in a year (not that I think it will), its a good bargain, and I'll buy another. Great product!