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Dry skin around Eyes - Causes, Prevention and Treatment

Updated on June 2, 2013

The sign of aging is usually observed first around eyes. The epidermis layer of skin around eyes is thinner and more sensitive than any other skin parts of the body and much prone to lose moisture and this dehydration makes the skin dry and flaky. Long time dryness around eyes develops wrinkles, aging lines, dark circles and black spots which are hard to remove. Even a heavy makeup is not efficient to hide those aging signs as frequent blinking of eyes doesn’t allow it. So a permanent cure is very necessary before dry skin around eyes leaves a permanent mark.

Dry skin around eyes
Dry skin around eyes

Prevention of dry skin around eyes

To prevent the occurrence of dry skin around the eyes, you need to know the reasons why it occurs and take necessary steps.

Natural reasons behind dry skin around eyes

The environmental agents responsible for dry skin are low humidity in the air, exposure of naked eyes to sun, room heating/air conditioning and cold weather. Absence of sufficient moisture or humidity in the air extracts moisture from the skin around eyes making it dry so as the room heating and air conditioning does. Direct exposure to sun creates dark circles around eyes. Another common reason, which is often ignored, is inadequate sleeping. So, avoid harsh environmental conditions, direct exposure to sun light and get plenty of sleep to keep the skin around your eyes healthy and moist.

Other causes of dry skin around eyes

Dry skin around eyes may also develop due to some skin disease and illness. Perioral Dermatities, Xerosis are some of the most serious skin problems that spread usually on face especially around eyes. Though these usually affect adults but teenagers or even children also may suffer from these. Diabetics and hypothyroidism are some other diseases that cause dryness around eyes and other parts of the face. If you are suffering from deficiency of vitamin A and C, dry skin around eyes may develop. Smoking too much and consuming alcohol and caffeine also produce dry skin around eyes and eyelids. Though, after a certain age, dryness around eyes becomes normal as our skin stops to produce or produces less oil that protects the dryness, yet you can bring back the moisture and freshness around your eyes by taking proper care in due time.

Things to do to get rid of dry skin around eyes

Exfoliation is very important in order to improve the moisture condition of the face. It helps the skin pore to breath and improve the circulation. Do not scrub your eyes with anything synthetic. Take a piece of soft cloth, wet it with lukewarm water and softly rub around your eyes. You can also add few drops of lemon or orange juice in it. It will remove the dead skin cells that hold back the moisture. After exfoliation, apply moisturizer around your eyes. Be careful while selecting your moisturizer, make sure that the ingredients of your moisturized match your skin type and don’t contain any harmful chemicals. It is wise to select any of the organic moisturizing cream or lotion.

Apply sun block cream around your eyes whenever you are under direct sun exposure. And when you are back home, don’t forget to wash out the cream and apply moisturizer. Using goggles in the sun is a good idea as those protect your eyes from UV light which is one of the chief reasons behind black spots around eyes. Those who are with dry skin type, and used to heavy makeup, try to use light makeup around eyes. Make sure that your foundation contains sufficient moisturizer. And, obviously, after washing out your makeup, apply moisturizer around eyes.

Beautiful Eyes
Beautiful Eyes

If you are suffering from serious dryness around your eyes and it tends to be incurable with above mentioned practice, quickly consult with a skin specialist about your problem.

Most of our skin problems can be avoided by proper skin care. You don’t need costly cosmetics to protect your skin. Good habits and a little time spend daily on skin care is enough to keep your eyes beautiful forever.


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