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G-String: Women Everyday 501 Micro G String Knickers

Updated on February 5, 2011

Ladies has got many underwear knickers that even some go un noticed, before did you know that there are micro G string kickers yes they are available and if you are wondering then here they are. The micro G String comes in many colors and shape and it depends with the ladies preference. Among the noted colors that comes with the G String are black colors, red and white

They might look sketchy but that is their design to look just pretty sexy and is of high quality. There are so many brands and the notable brand we are seeing is the Halcyon Blue Black Everyday 501 Micro G String Knickers. Many ladies find them comfortable when wearing these lingerie knickers.

Below are some characteristics of 501 micro G string knickers

Micro G String Knickers are known for their sexy outlook and small in sizes with different colors!

Original Micro G String knickers features metal rings and small logo on the front which makes them look funny and sexy. They fully elasticated so your size does not matter so long as you take the available comfortable size. The Micro G String has got a size guide in additional images above. The product are made in England by Halcyon Blue and are known of high quality G String for women

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