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Exclusive Coach Diaper Bag - Is It Worth The Extra Money

Updated on April 28, 2017

Got Coach?

Can you afford a real Coach signature diaper bag? The retail price of a real Coach Baby Bag on is currently ranging from $358.00 to $498.00. If a Coach bag is hanging in your closet right now, and you're expecting a new baby how exciting. Well first of all, congratulations on the news of a new baby. Bringing a baby into the world is a wonderful miracle and a true blessing from up above. This little bundle of joy is going to travel with you where ever you go. However, your normal hand bag isn't going to cut it anymore, it's time to up-size.

Put away your regular Coach hand bag temporarily, actually about a year or two, and move on up, or out, to a real Coach diaper bag. Coach proudly states on it's website that their diaper bags "make Motherhood sophisticated". Trendy moms shouldn't have to give up their fashion freedom because little boy blue or pretty princess needs bottles, diapers, wipes, a change of clothes and all the extras while away from home. Bring all these baby items with you and conveniently have all the necessities of home right at your fingertips. Don't settle and don't pay a fortune for a fashionable, durable, beautiful diaper bag by Coach.

The Ultimate Coach Baby Bag
The Ultimate Coach Baby Bag

Does Coach Make the Cut?

Motherhood involves a whole new set of rules when it comes to fashion. Usually a new mother will opt out of glamour and glitz and settle for practicality and comfort. However, a baby bag can be all of these things. My mom once told me to never settle. If you want to remain fashionable, then by all means, check out the latest fashions in baby bags, you'll see that they are gorgeous, glamorous, practical, and pretty.

A practical baby diaper bag needs plenty of pockets to hold the baby bottle, baby wipes, and of course, the cell phone. The baby diaper should be large enough to hold a change of clothes, extra diapers, formula or breast feeding items and ideally should come with a changing pad. The pockets should be on the outside on the front and back. Inside pockets should abound for reaching in and single handily finding any item in the blink of an eye. In most cases, baby is in one arm, at times crying and wiggling, while mom searches for the right baby "tool" that will fix the problem and end the chaos.

The diaper bags made by Coach are very sophisticated and yet, amazingly practical. They are made of patent leather, in a variety of splendid and vibrant patterns including the Bandanna Graffiti, the Haring Graffiti, the Coach Daisy Diaper bag, the Chelsea Signature Diaper Bag and more. These baby bags are practical with several pockets inside, as well as multiple pockets on the outer areas including the front and back. Most of these diaper bags from Coach come with a color matched changing pad. These multi-tote bags are durable and are used well into the next stages when baby turns to toddler and finally school age where the over-sized bags become favorites for soccer moms and beach goers alike.

Chelsea Signature Coach Diaper Bag
Chelsea Signature Coach Diaper Bag

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The Coach Serial Patch

A real Coach authenticity label
A real Coach authenticity label

Coach Baby Bags

COACH Daisy Floral Multi Colored Baby Diaper Tote Bag 14879
COACH Daisy Floral Multi Colored Baby Diaper Tote Bag 14879

Color: Multi Color Zipper top closure with leather pull Leather handle strap with 10.5" drop 1 Extra detachable & adjustable strap with max 45" drop 2 Exterior zipper pocket on front 1 Exterior full length slip pocket with magnetic snap closure on front 2 Exterior side slip pocket 2 Interior zip pocket 3 Multifunction pockets and a cell phone pocket 2 Interior bottle / beverage pocket 1 laptop pad or use as diaper change pad Fabic lining Coach logo leather hang tag Dimensions: 15 1/2"(bottom) length X 11 1/2" Height X 5 1/2" width


Look for Deals on eBay and at Coach Outlets

You shouldn't have to pay full price for anything these days with so many websites and outlets available trying to gain your business. Searching for the baby's crib, car seat, clothes, and other accessories takes time and diligence. Searching for a practical, yet, stylish diaper bag is no exception. It takes time, but it's well worth the effort.

Real or Replica? What do you think?

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