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Facial Skin Cleansers - An Important Part of Your Daily Skin Care Routine!

Updated on January 27, 2014

A good facial cleanser is an important part of your skin care arsenal. In fact, if you want beautiful skin then you must implement a skin care routine into your daily schedule and stick to it! As a child, my mother stressed the importance of washing my face two times per day (a good cleansing in the morning and a thorough cleansing at night before bedtime). You can purchase all the skin care products in the world; however, if you don't use them daily then you are probably wasting your hard earned money!

If possible, make it a habit to wash your face as soon as you get out of bed in the morning. Why? Well, your pores actually release waste products as you sleep. These waste products can include sweat, dirt, and other toxins. The sooner you cleanse the skin on your face, the better. Simply washing your face helps your skin to detoxify and this my friends, is very important if you want fresh, beautiful skin!

Bars of soap are OK for your body...but NOT for your face!
Bars of soap are OK for your body...but NOT for your face!

Just Say No To Regular Bar Soap!

If you wear make-up or sunscreen then obviously, you will want to remove the old products before putting on the new. If you do not wash your face with a good facial cleanser you will trap dirt and dead skin cells which in turn will most likely cause breakouts and other unwanted skin problems.  It is important to start with a "fresh canvas" each and every morning hence the importance of cleansing your skin the night before.

There are many different facial cleansers on the market, however, it is very important that you know what type of skin you have BEFORE you spend any money. Also, be sure to purchase a cleanser that is for your FACE ONLY! Cleansers and soaps that are made for your body will most likely be too harsh for the sensitive skin that is on your face.  If you wash your face with a regular bar soap (such as Dial) you will end up with dry, tight skin. Regular bar soaps can also over-clean the skin on your face which is not a good thing. Why? Well, the skin on your face actually has what is called an acid mantle. The acid mantle is your skin's first line of defense when it comes to battling dirt and other toxins that tend to collect on your face through-out the day. It also helps your skin stay moist and healthy…which is very important. If you use a harsh bar soap on your face you can actually destroy the acid mantle which in turn will cause all types of trouble (think blackheads, acne and blemishes).  So play it safe, figure out what type of skin you have (normal, oily, dry) and purchase a facial cleanser that is made especially for your skin type.

It really doesn't matter what type of facial cleanser you purchase (gel, bar, foam) as long as it is specifically made for the type of skin that you have. Because there are so many different facial cleansers on the market you may have to try several before finding one that you like (and actually works). Don't be fooled by expensive facial cleansers that are only sold in specialty or department stores. Though they may work, there are many facial cleansers available on-line or in your neighborhood drugstore that will also fit the bill and best of all, won't drain your bank account!

The Best Facial Cleansers

So, what facial cleansers on the market actually work? Well, there are many (too many to list them all). However, my wife and sister told me about several cleansers that they like (and have actually used!). First up, Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser. Cetaphil is a well known brand that can be found in most (if not all) drug stores. Cetaphil has been around for a long time and their gentle skin cleanser has pretty much remained the same over the years (if it's not broke, don't fix it!). This facial cleanser is fragrance free and ultra gentle. It works on all skin types with the exception of extremely dry skin. Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser doesn't remove make-up very well, however, it is the perfect morning facial cleanser for individuals who wear little to no cosmetics.

Beauty Without Cruelty's Herbal Cream Facial Cleanser is simply wonderful (according to my wife anyway)! This cleanser has a fresh, clean smell and is light and creamy. Beauty Without Cruelty offers many different skin care products and the best thing is…NONE of them have been tested on animals! This particular facial cleanser is best for individuals who have normal skin. However, if you are interested in learning about other skin care products in the Beauty Without Cruelty Skin Care Line…be sure to do an internet search. I have found that the companies on the internet often beat drug and department store prices!

Finally, the last facial cleanser that my wife (and her friends) recommend...Gel Clarte Clarifying Gel to Foam Cleanser by Lancome. Just because you see the word Lancome doesn't mean that this facial cleanser is going to be expensive. Ok, I lied….it is expensive. However, if you love Lancome (and many women do) then you probably don't mind spending a little money when it comes to a good facial cleanser that really does its job. Gel Clarte Clarifying Gel to Foam Cleanser will set you back approximately $22 for a little over four ounces. This cleanser is water soluble and made for individuals who have normal to oily skin. It does a great job when it comes to removing make-up, rinses easily and leaves your face feeling fresh and beautiful. I would say that is worth $22…wouldn't you!?

No matter what facial cleanser you choose, remember…it must be made for your skin type! If you have oily skin and you buy a facial cleanser that was made for dry skin…you will NOT be happy with the results (and you also won't be happy at the money you wasted!). Washing your face two times per day is very important…especially if you want clean, fresh, beautiful skin! Though you may have to try several facial cleansers made by several different companies before you find one that you absolutely love…don't give up! Take care of your skin and it will take care of you! After all, there is nothing like a fresh, glowing face!

If you want beautiful a good facial cleanser and use it two times per day!
If you want beautiful a good facial cleanser and use it two times per day!


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      homemadeacnecure 6 years ago

      Cetaphil works well for me....thanks for hub!

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      Best Skin Care Products 6 years ago

      I like Cetaphil and its worked fine for me...


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      Pardeep 7 years ago

      good information..thanks..