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Cover Girl and Oil of Olay Present Simply Ageless Cosmetics! Foundation and Blush that Actually Fight Aging!

Updated on February 19, 2010

What do you get when you mix one of the oldest and most trusted skin care companies in the world with a well known cosmetic company? The answer is simple…Simply Ageless Cosmetics! Oil of Olay has been helping women fight the aging process since 1914. Cover Girl, though not in business as long (they opened their doors in 1958) offers one of the most popular cosmetic lines in the world. After all, who hasn't heard the words, "Easy, Breezy, Beautiful…Cover Girl!"

Simply Ageless!

Cover Girl and Oil of Olay have combined forces to come up with a product that according to them, "simply won't age you!" Sounds good to me! They have blended together Olay Regenerist Serum with, you guessed it, make-up! Simply Ageless Blush and Foundation stays "suspended" over fine lines, which, my friends, is a good thing! When you apply make-up that "cakes on" or "builds up" inside of the lines on your face…it makes you look older (not to mention very un-natural). In my opinion, any cosmetic that fights aging AND makes you look beautiful….all at the same time….is worth trying! Why not kill two birds with one stone!?

Ellen DeGeneres is the Cover Girl Simply Ageless Spokes Model and I must say that she looks spectacular (after all, she is 51 years old and her face looks flawless!). She appears in not only television commercials but in Cover Girl print ads as well. Other celebrities that endorse Cover Girl Cosmetics include Drew Barrymore, Christy Brinkley and Queen Latifah! Christy Brinkley was the very first Cover Girl model and was re-hired (almost twenty years later) to promote the Simply Ageless cosmetic line with Ellen DeGeneres. If she was willing to come back after twenty years…she must really believe in the product!

Simply Ageless! See the swirl...that's the good stuff!
Simply Ageless! See the swirl...that's the good stuff!

Simply Ageless Blush!

Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush is soft, creamy and smooth. My wife tested the blush for me (she is my official cosmetic and skin care product tester) and said that it felt very light on her skin and looked incredibly natural. In other words, she was very happy with the outcome. She was a bit concerned at first as she wasn't sure if the product would blend well. Why? Well, when you look at the blush (see picture) you will notice a white swirl. That swirl (which is actually the Olay Regenerist Serum) will, in fact, become invisible upon application (so there is no need to worry about blending issues). Simply Ageless Blush comes in four shades (such as Lush Berry and and Plush Peach). If you are looking for a blush that will NOT settle into the fine lines on your face, helps fight the aging process and leaves you with a clean, polished, sun-kissed look….I recommend (or should I say my wife recommends) Oil of Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush!

Simply Ageless Foundation!

Simply Ageless Foundation contains the same break-through formula that is in the sculpting blush. I, for one, don't wear foundation, however, my wife does. She claims that foundation can be very tricky to apply and if not applied correctly…you can end up looking like you are wearing a mask (NOT a good thing!). Simply Ageless Foundation contains the same white swirl, (that is actually the Olay Regenerist Serum) goes on smooth and feels like silk. My wife was very pleased after applying the Simply Ageless Foundation and stated that she was impressed with the outcome (as the make-up did NOT settle into the fine lines on her face….um, not that she actually has any). Simply Ageless Foundation comes in FIFTEEN SHADES (including natural ivory, warm beige, classic tan and toasted almond…just to name a few!).

Once again, Oil of Olay and Cover Girl Cosmetics have come to the rescue! Both of these popular companies are well known leaders in their respective fields. I think it is wonderful when two companies come together and come up with a product (or products) that actually work and please the public. If you are searching for a new make-up that will not only make you look beautiful but help fight aging as well…look no further…give the Simply Ageless cosmetic line a try! You can purchase Oil of Olay and Cover Girl Products on-line (which is where my wife finds the best deals) or you can find them in most cosmetic and drug stores. Here's to being beautiful…inside and out!


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    • profile image

      ethel mehl 5 years ago

      Wow!! Ellen Degeneres stated on her show that Cover Girl, Olay simply agesless does NOT settle into your wrinkles. She was right. Finally an honest advertisement. I have purchased 2 colors already, preferring the classic tan. It really looks great, smooth, and yes, I am now a fan!!

      Thanks for this lovely product. I am in my 70's, not VERY wrinkled, but enough to want to do something about it. Cover Girl is almost keeping me from surgery.

      Ethel Mehl