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Loosen Up

Updated on October 19, 2019
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Pink Beauty is the owner of Loves trying out new things, a traveler, reviewer, a food lover and a travel junkie.

The Mistake..

After joining Facebook almost a year ago, I hardly gave it much thought to add friends or find new people to get along with. Therefore a few days ago I decided to go ahead and add some new people, some who have their own businesses, others work from home and some just wanting to "get to know you more", I type that in quotations because I'm sure you know what it means.

Immediately after adding a few new people, I started getting some great messages in my inbox, people waving at me (yes, apparently that's a thing now), others wanting to just be friends etc. I ignored a few messages, replied to others and soon I realized what a big mistake that was!

Logging back into Facebook the next day, I had a big surprise, almost 75 new friend requests, and my inbox was filled with loads of "want to work from home, make your own money, be your own boss" messages. I was happy yet sad at the same time..

See, I love supporting people who want to start their own thing, or need to sell certain products in order to get some income, but when it comes to these weight loss products, honey I'm out!

The truth is that I am a thin girl, so why don't I help those with weight loss programs?

Well, here's the story..

Growing up, my sister and I were very much different, she's easy going, loves making friends, an extrovert. Me on the other hand, I don't know how to make friends, not much of and outgoing person, keep to myself, introvert.

But what made us more different was our body type, she is a healthy plus sized individual while I am the complete opposite, a thin girl who people have complimented for being so "fit".

Everyone would tell her to loose weight, that it's unhealthy to be so "fat" (sorry for using the word), they would give her different recipes and exercise in order to loose her weight, but the worst was when she was teased for it. At first I found it funny, but then when she started showing signs of depression, no more my outgoing sister, she would eat less and cry more often. That's when I knew that it's not so easy to loose weight, she tried almost everything, weight loss powders, diets, exercises, nothing really helped. But thank God for mothers!

My mom saw the what was happening and then we started supporting, showing love and appreciation, understanding that some things are not as easy as they seem. Not everyone can loose 5kgs in one month, nor can everyone gain it at the same time.

People don't seem to understand the pressure an individual goes through when they have to gain or loose weight. They don't understand that some of these programs, powders and coffees actually have more negative health risks then anything else.

Some of these caffeine powders cause heart palpitations and some of the weight loss ones are actually just laxatives, which are very bad for you, yes they do reduce weight but they also cause other health related problems such as increased heart rate, blood pressure etc.

So what's the step forward if you want to loose weight?

Honestly, I think exercising is the key, not those major 20 sit-ups in one day, but start small and work your way up. Or just speak to your doctor and ask him/her for advice.

Now, I know most people will think that maybe I am wrong for not supporting these individuals, but let's face the truth. Some of them have not even tried the product themselves, they're just trying to make a profit.

I would only trust a product recognized and recommended by health professions, I would only trust someone who has actually used the products, showed results and has a trusted review. People who are not afraid to voice their concerns and opinions.

To any parent who may be reading this, I just want to tell you to be patient and support your child. Yes being obese is bad, but there's a difference between obesity and a plus sized healthy individual. Some people can eat as much healthy food as they want, exercise every single day, yet they will still be unable to lose weight or sometimes gain weight and it's not their fault. Sometimes its hereditary, maybe even other health related problems. You never know the pressure or problems someone is facing, so don't tell them "hey, you need to loose weight" or "it seems like you've gained a little weight. Here's a great product which can help you loose it".

Let people live their lives, let them love their bodies and support them if they're struggling with something. Don't pressure little children and make them feel like failures because that stays with them for the rest of their lives.

Spread love and kindness always.


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