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Fall Autumn Trends in Jewellery: Know About Jewellery Trend 2012

Updated on October 12, 2012

Autumn 2012: Jewellery Trends

The current trends and fashion in jewellery are dictated by seasonal changes. The mood and the feel of the season get much in the way of reshaping the jewellery trends of a particular season. If climatic conditions are pleasant and soothing, jewellery is the right accessory to enhance your beauty.

Opt for Classy Jewellery

The weather improves around this time – yet it is in India humid and warm. Given this fact you can opt for jewellery that is classy yet light. Pearls are the eternal variety and is the best way to remain classic and in the same time contemporary. Another good option is the lightweight diamond jewellery – contrary to popular thoughts diamonds are not expensive at all! You can have a lot of diamond jewellery at reasonable prices. Given the gold items getting pricier pearls are the better option since they have a timeless factor attached to them and will no doubt be a good investment.

Classy Diamond Jewellery

Pick the Right Pair of Earrings

The right earring can accentuate your look. So buy the right earring that is suited for your face and at the same time buy one that is in trend. As per the recent trend jhumkas are back in fashion – so buy a jhumka pair that best suits your face shape.

Know The Right Colours for Fall!

The colour factor has immense role in jewellery designing and crafting. It remains a subtle aspect in the overall process but the finishing effect is actually rendered by the excellent craftsmanship combining colour sense with fine detailing. The colour that is now preferred mainly are natural and bright colours which is now increasingly created on stone, wood, etc. The coolest trend this season is to sport botanical or organic looking beads in your pendant.

Big Bold Pieces of Jewellery in Vogue

This season is a witness to bold and big pieces in jewellery. Among them large stones, gemstones, and seed beads are impressive and like the last spring collection natural gem stone pieces have maintained their hold in the market. In the international market jewellery trends have mind-boggling variety, to name a few: chokers, charms, bold flowers, rock candy, ethic pendants, layered necklaces, circular metals, dangling geometrics, dripping chains, shiny crystals, stacked bracelets, etc. What a heavenly collection and still there are more to turn heads on.

Jewellery in Vogue


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