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Fast Healing Oil for cracked Feet and Hands!

Updated on August 30, 2012

A little bit of Italian and Greek culture can heal the body naturally

Olive oil as a natural skin therapy has been used for hundreds of years

Olive oil has been used as a natural moisturizer in Italy and Greece for centuries. The Cancer Society states your skin is the largest organ in the body and should not be neglected during weather drying conditions, especially during the winter.

Now that I’ve made this quick historical reference to olive oil as an age old practice and ritual, one only need reflect back to the movie 300. Remember the Spartan’s preparing themselves for the final battle by purifying and moisturizing their bodies before death? Of course, the moisturizing part of the ritual had little to do with anything before they took their last breath. This age old Greek tradition not only had a cultural ritual to cleanse and purify the body and soul before death; it also was known to benefit old looking, or dry-cracked skin.

I’ve done a little research on the healing power of olive oil and apply a skin practice on my hands and feet. I like many of you work outdoors bit in dry weather conditions. I also walk a lot in rather harse weather conditions. If you experience severe dry, cracked-chalk board like skin that makes you cringe when you rub your fingers, toes etc., especially under the bed sheets, I have a solution for you.

I’ve tried all types of products on the market, where only a few work well. However, with little cost relative to skin moisturizer application; there is only one solution that works real fast, and faster than any product produced by man. That product is Virgin olive oil, "which the Greek understood very well." That’s right; it’s also great to cook with to receive nutritional oleic acid and anti-oxidant health benefits. But I won’t get into the other benefits of olive oil during this read. I've already written another hub that talks about the finer points of oleic acid. Instead we will focus on how to use this all natural oil as a skin moisturizer much like the Greek people and Spartans did years ago

I know Virgin Olive oil is expensive, but I assure you it is a natural cure that will immediately give you relief from pain and discomfort of your dry-cracked foot and hand skin. Also, if you use olive oil for cooking and skin moisturizing you can save some money as a multi-consumption consumer product. You can use olive oil on all parts of your body including face. If use on face rub it in good (only need a little), Otherwise you’ll look like an oiled, shinny bronzed God, or Goddess.

Here’s my healing foot, hand dry-cracked skin moisturizing tip,

Buy a good quality Virgin olive oil at your local supermarket and pay attention to shelf life. Shelf life for olive oil is important why? Olive oil turns bad after a period of time; as early as two years. The best olive oil with the highest anti-oxidant Vit E content is "Extra Virgin" oilive oil.

Check manufacturer date on bottle and add 3-5 months to average in olive harvest time before it is bottled. Also add extra time (4weeks) if olive oil is a product coming out of Greece, or Italy. Most olive oil on market shelves are already 4-10months old unless it is produced and harvested in California which has high quality olive oil. Use all olive oil within 1.5 year for the best quality oil. Purchase some plastic wrap from your local super market. Pick a good time of the day to give yourself a couple of hours for your very own specialized “high quality” self-skin therapy that you won’t get elsewhere unless you pay big bucks at a spa. If spas are providing this type of skin therapy I’m not aware of it, or they could be doing something similar. Get a towel and position yourself in front of your favorite TV show, or while you relax in bed reading a good book. The towel is simply to keep the olive oil off your floor, or linen while plastic wrap with moisturized feet may require wiping excess oil off of hands, feet.

Simply rub generous portions of olive oil into your feet and after you’ve rubbed it in good, cover your oiled dry-cracked hand, or feet in plastic wrap. This seals the oiled moisture into the skin and allows the oil to deeply penetrate the skins pours to absorb well while moisturizing. I equate this to a moisturizing-healing "pickled" in a container effect as the skin is forced to be saturated effectively while "immersed like" in oil. You can also apply this application to your hands. But will only be able to do one hand at a time unless someone gives you a hand, “pardon the pun.” To do hands right is a little more of a time -sync. This is especially the case one takes the time to wrap each finger separate and then the hand. As far as time is concerned; the longer you let the oil set on skin, the greater the moisturizing and healing effect. After 30-60minutes, shower off, use bar soap “ to remove the tackiness of the oil. Continue the self skin therapy until the dry-cracked conditions are resolved. Now get ready to get a good night sleep and enjoy the moisturized comfort of great feeling skin.

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    • profile image

      asrob 6 years ago

      My daughter suffers from craked dry hands. We have tried may lotions, but nothing has really worked. I will try the olive oil treatment today! I just bought a new bottle of olive oil so we are set.

    • woodamarc profile image

      Marc Woodard 6 years ago from Portland, Oregon

      Let me know if it works for you. I've used it for cracks in the feet and cold blistered hands. It worked great for me.

    • profile image

      Multiman 7 years ago

      Article useful, voted up.

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 8 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      I shall try this. My feet are horribly cracked etc

    • carolina muscle profile image

      carolina muscle 8 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

      I love the stuff... Olive Oil is a real gift!!!