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Fendi Block Color Bags | Handle Your Color

Updated on September 25, 2010
Is this a handbag or an all out assault on the eyes of anyone who dares gaze upon it? You decide.
Is this a handbag or an all out assault on the eyes of anyone who dares gaze upon it? You decide.

Fendi are pulling out all the stops this season to embrace the trend of modern-retro. Their effort at wooden high heels was highly commendable, and their block-color handbags are set to be the perfect accompaniment to all retro-inspired outfits this season. But beware, these are no meek and mild accessories that will be content to sit around holding your money and make up. These are items of high fashion that will probably demand an equally high lifestyle in which they will mingle with other fine pieces and occasionally adopt orphan children from impoverished nations.

The first lesson we learn from these Fendi handbags, purses and clutches is that although brown is ubiquitous this season, that doesn't mean we need be afraid of color. Bold blocks of color can be blithely shoved in amongst the brown bones of the bag - and indeed should be if one is not to be overcome with retro-boredom.

There's an earthyness about all the colors, no matter how bright however. You won't see any Christopher Kane neon here. What you will find is an almost frenetic, eye-jangling mass of primal color that pushes the boundary of coherency.

Some of the pieces are so wild that they're actually fairly painful to look at. Fortunately there are some moderating forces amongst the herd. For every piece that makes your eyes want to bleed just looking at it, there is a calmer, more sedate, more classically stylish number.The mere sight of lovely shiny brown clutch in the last picture in this series, for instance, was almost enough to make me weep tears of relief.

Angular geometric shapes are the consistent theme throughout the entire range, bringing a pleasing stability to an affair that easily could have raged out of control, spilling aged colors out all over the pavements of major cities, causing chaos and confusion.

Can you handle a Fendi block color bag? Well, that's not such a silly question really. With all this distinctive style and color, you're going to need to be bold in your mode of dressing. These bags have plenty of potential to upstage you at any event, and thus must be balanced with accessories much like the Fendi jewelry shown in the pictures. Do not be afraid to ply your wrists with leather bracelets and bangles fastened with chunky bronze and gold clasps.

Check out the full range of this season's Fendi jewelry, bags and shoes here. And good luck.


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