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Finding the Right Ruby Necklace

Updated on August 21, 2013
Corundum, when red, is called a ruby - this is a ruby in it's raw form.
Corundum, when red, is called a ruby - this is a ruby in it's raw form.

Of all the precious stones in the world, rubies may be the most beautiful, even more so than diamonds. These stones with their bright red fire light up a piece of jewelry like no other gem can. When worn next to the skin, whether as rings, bracelets, or necklaces, rubies shine and sparkle and bring a mark of beauty and elegance to the person who wears them. No wonder that rubies have been held in such high regard for thousands of years, adorning the swords, crowns, and harnesses of noble men and women in ancient India and China.

And when it comes to jewelry made from rubies, perhaps no other type shows off a ruby’s beautiful properties more than a ruby necklace. In a ruby necklace, the stones are set in either lovely patterns or in single teardrop elegance, but in either case, they adorn the wearer with their charm. To own a ruby necklace is almost to own beauty itself. A ruby necklace will catch the eye of everyone you meet.

No other gem gives quite the same impression as a ruby necklace.
No other gem gives quite the same impression as a ruby necklace.

How to Buy a Ruby Necklace

When it comes to rubies and to ruby necklaces, there are certain things you should look for in the stone. These features will indicate the quality of the ruby in a ruby necklace and thus reflect the price you should expect to pay. As with diamonds, the quality of a ruby can be summed up with the 4 Cs, including color, clarity, cut, and carats.

To start with, the rubies in a very high quality ruby necklace will be a pure color of  medium or dark toned red. The most sought after of all rubies are those whose color is often described as pigeon blood, a term that has its origins in Burma, where many of the finest rubies come from. Some rubies will have secondary colors as well, including purple, pink, and orange. Next to pure red rubies, a ruby necklace with a mixture of purple in the stones will be the most valuable.

Second in importance when buying a ruby necklace is clarity of the stones. As with most gems, including diamonds, a very clear ruby stone will be the most highly sought after and generally the most expensive. It is possible to treat rubies artificially to enhance their clarity, however, so a stone that is absolutely clear may have been treated in this manner.

Of course, the manner in which the rubies in a ruby necklace have been cut will have a good deal of impact on its value as well. An well cut ruby will take up the light and sparkle next to the skin with its brilliant red tone. Having a ruby that is cut to the correct size for the settings in your ruby necklace will be important as well, not only to avoid the ruby from coming loose and being lost, but also for the harmony and balance of the necklace.

And of course, as you would expect, the higher the carat of a ruby necklace, generally the more valuable it will be, all other factors being equal. This has to do with both the overall carat count of the stones in a ruby necklace as well as with the carats of the individual stones. As with many gems, a single stone of very high carat weight can be extremely valuable.

Purchasing a Ruby Necklace

Now that you are familiar with how the qualities of the stones in a ruby necklace will influence its value, you can shop for your necklace with much more confidence. It may be that you want a ruby necklace of the very highest quality, and at the highest prices, or it may be that you desire a less expensive option that will still be very beautiful. As with any jewelry, there is a range of prices for ruby necklaces, and the most important factor in buying one is to feel comfortable with its costy.

If you browse the online catalogue of a jeweler such as Ross Simmons, you will notice that not only is there quite a range of prices with these pieces of jewelry, you will also see that you can purchase a ruby necklace in many, many different styles. The Ruby Flower Necklace features five ruby stones arranged simply and elegantly into the shape of a brilliant red flower, with a sparkling diamond center. A bit more opulent is the 104 carat Ruby Necklace in Sterling Silver, which features twelve separate ruby stones. Of course, there are dozens of other ruby necklaces offered by this jeweler and many others.

Of course, while a ruby necklace is beautiful and filled with energy and color, it can also be paired with diamonds. The two stones complement each other well, and are often paired together in jewelry. However, they do not need to go together as one. A diamond ring can be complimented by a ruby necklace as well. You can give an engagement ring from halo engagement and compliment it with a gift of a ruby necklace.

Whatever style of ruby necklace you settle on, one thing will be certain, which is that you will be entering into a tradition of beauty that has been ongoing for centuries. A ruby necklace is the necklace of royalty, of grandeur and lasting loveliness. Every jewelry box should contain a ruby necklace.


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    • lifedancer profile image

      lifedancer 7 years ago from California

      With the embargo on the importation of gems from Burma (Bush 2 administration legislation), many vendors are promoting ruby. They are trying to make us afraid that the supply will vanish. Gems are a finite resource, and my understanding is that the Burma minds were not producing quality gems anyway. As Asia becomes more wealthy, people there will be buying, putting pressure in prices and supply. Ruby and Padparacha are the only sapphires with their own names, so you know that they are important gems. If you can't afford ruby, check spinel, just one element different from ruby (sapphire). Red spinel is often cleaner than ruby, so you get color and clarity at a better price. Spinel is just as hard as ruby. Some of the world famous, royal gems on England and other countries that were thought to be rubies are really spinel. Finally, I'll shamelessly promote my web site on gems and jewelry.

    • profile image

      sord87 7 years ago

      necklace is always my favourite jewelry.Ruby is one of gem stone which is nice attachment for necklace.Beautiful and shining just like your hub,it has been shined by the ruby necklace!TQ