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Amethyst Necklace

Updated on June 6, 2013
Amethyst has a long history with humans.  Share that history by buying an Amethyst Necklace.
Amethyst has a long history with humans. Share that history by buying an Amethyst Necklace.

Amethyst necklaces have been prized possessions throughout the course of history. This gem was considered one of the most precious to be found by the ancient Egyptians, who made necklaces, rings, crowns, and other jewelry from the stone. Today, amethyst is still considered an extremely lovely stone when fashioned into any number of kinds of jewelry. Amethyst stones are often strung together to make necklaces that are at the very height of fashion and beauty. Many women, and even some men, value their amethyst necklaces as one of the most important, versatile, and lovely pieces of jewelry they own.

Of course, when making an investment in a piece of fine jewelry such as an amethyst necklace, you will want to know a bit about how to pick out such jewelry. You will want to know a bit about this stone and what to look for when selecting the amethyst necklace of the best quality and value. Also, you will be sure to want to know how to care for your amethyst necklace. Amethyst is a sturdy gem, but there are a few things you should do to make sure your necklace will last a lifetime.

Purchasing an Amethyst Necklace

Did you know that the color purple is known in many cultures as the color of royalty? It is, and this is why kings and queens often dress in purple robes and wear crowns, necklaces, and other jewelry made from purple stones, including, of course, amethyst. And when you are wearing your amethyst necklace, you will be sure to feel like royalty yourself.

Naturally, most amethyst comes in various shades of purple, although the color can range from a light violet pink to an extremely dark purple. Often, the stones set into an amethyst necklace will also contain accents of other colors such as red and blue. Those jewelry makers with a keen eye for quality amethyst often like to use stones of a very deep purple but that shine with glints of red when the stone is turned and catches the light on its cut edges. Certainly, however, the shade of amethyst necklace that will most appeal to you will depend on your skin color, hair color, and general preferences. With so many choices available in amethyst colors, you will be able to shop to find the exact type of amethyst necklace that will make you most happy.

Of the different kinds and shades of amethyst stones available, probably the most sought after is the rare and lovely Deep Russian amethyst. These stones gleam with the most deep and royal of shade of purple, so deep that the eye can become lost in their abundant beauty. A necklace made from the wonderful Deep Russian amethyst will surely be a prized part of your wardrobe and jewelry collection.

With today’s technology and in today’s market, a good amount of the amethyst stones used to set necklaces with are made in a synthetic fashion. These synthetic amethyst stones mimic the natural gems so closely in their physical and chemical properties that it can often be extremely difficult to tell them from the natural stones. Look for amethyst necklaces that carry certificates of authenticity.

Of course, in an amethyst necklace, the stone is only one part of the total that should be ensured for quality. Make sure that the settings are sturdy so that the amethyst stones will not fall out of your necklace to become lost or damaged. Also make sure that the necklace is made from quality gold, silver, or other metal so that it will last a long time and so that it will not rust or corrode over time. Clasps for you amethyst necklace should hold fast while being easy to open and close.

Caring for Your Amethyst Necklace

It will be easy to care for the stones of your amethyst necklace with just a bit of general maintenance from time to time and a normal amount of caution. The amethyst stones on your necklace may start to accumulate dust and dirt from the environment as well as oils and residues from your skin. This can dull the shine of your necklace, so from time to time you will want to wash the stones with a gentle dishwashing liquid and a soft brush. Then rinse your jewelry in lukewarm water.

Such things as too much exposure to sunlight as well as substances like chlorine or salt water can fade the color of your amethyst necklace, so take it off when swimming, cleaning, or spending a lot of time out of doors. You will also want to protect the amethyst stones from knocking against each other or other objects, so you should probably leave your necklace at home if you are going to engage in strenuous activities.

Other than these simple care techniques, your amethyst necklace should give you a lifetime of use and pleasure. An amethyst necklace goes great with anything, and you can match it to any bracelets and other jewelry, and well as with any outfit. A necklace made from amethyst is truly an object of beauty.

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