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Finding the right wedding dress

Updated on June 28, 2011

First Things First

With all the planning for the wedding day, finding the perfect dress should be the best part. It should be less stress as well. Every woman wants to look absolutely beautiful for that special day. She is the princess and should enjoy every moment of her day without feeling less than that because of the dress

Some full figured women will go on a crash diet just to look good in the dress. I say that is all good if she is doing it for health reasons. Other women would loose the weight just to get the dress at a lessor price. I say why starve yourself when there are always possibilities of getting the dress on sale.

Never look for a wedding dress no more that 6 months prior to the wedding date. I tell you why. The further away, the more expensive the dress will cost. Lets say the wedding is in June. You wouldn't want to purchase the dress say in September (the previous year) because that month is popular for weddings as well. September starts the fall collection so naturally every dress is at regular sales price. The average price for a dress during the fall season ranges between $1,000.00-$3,000.00. The best time to purchase a wedding dress is in January because the stores has to get rid of the last year's inventory. You will see a tone of reductions in January.

Another reason never to purchase a wedding dress too early is the cost for alterations. Lets say that the dress was tried on in the first week of December. That is right after the Thanksgiving festivities where most Americans are still munching on the leftovers including the deserts. That is the time of the year where the body is not at its normal weight. When the dress is tried on, it may fit according to the weight of that day. It may even feel perfect and is loved so much that the dress is purchase that very day.

This could be bad because because the extra weight put on over the holidays will not be there in June. We must remember that Spring is right around the corner and more outdoor activities will aid in losing weight. It is proven that when the weather is warmer, people tend to begin diets and excersize just to get ready for the summer. Therefore the cost for alterations would drastically increase depending on how many inches were taken off of the dress.

Now if the bride bought her dress in December and lets say she got pregnant or gained weight. There is no way possible the dress that was purchased at size 10 can be increased to a size 16. The only suggestion I can make is simply returning the dress and exchanging it for one of equal or lesser value. Chances are, the new dress would be more in cost and the old dress charges would be applied to it. This is costly because if the dress cost $700.00 in December and the new dress cost $1,200.00 in June, an additional $500.00 is spent. That extra $500.00 can go towards something else for the wedding such as a DJ for 4 hours.




Catherdral and Chapel Trains

Catherdral train is over 12 inches away from the bride. Not good for beach weddings.
Catherdral train is over 12 inches away from the bride. Not good for beach weddings.
Perfect for beach weddings. This Chapel train doesn't have much fabric to add weight.
Perfect for beach weddings. This Chapel train doesn't have much fabric to add weight.

Themed Weddings

Every wedding I've been to had a specific theme. The dress should match the theme. If it is a beach wedding a dress with a Cathedral train isn't recommended. However, a chapel train will due because it would't cost too much to have it cleaned. Remember, there is a lot of sand on the beach which the little grains gets caught in the netting of the train. It will come in contact with some form of moisture rather it is steam or an actual washing machine. The sand will become mud and mud stains the dress permanatly.

If a train is to be worn, as stated above, chapel length would be more appropriate for beach weddings. Not to mention, I've seen brides with the Cathedral train have such difficulties walking on the sand while carrying theor train in their hand. Imagine walking on the sand in swimwear, its still hard to do because its sand. Now add about 1.5-4 extra pounds of clothing including shoes. The bride would be exhulsted before even reaching the altar.

At any rate, little to no train is by far easier to manage. The bride can walk with ease and wouldn't have to worry so much for dry cleaning charges. Its is already expensive enough to have the dress preserved. Some dry cleaners wouldn't pay for any mistakes they make when caring for the dress. I highly recommend paying the extra bucks for the preservation from the company the dressed was purchased. If the company doesn't offer the preservation, purchase the dress from somewhere that does. If the wedding is on the beach, the dress will need to be preserved.

Perfect Dress for the Beach

Winter Weddings

These has to be very beautiful. A wedding planner may use simple Christmas or Valentines decorations to set the scene for beautiful wedding day, but what about the bride? Bridal gowns these days are sleeveless leaving the birde with the chills due to the winter weather conditions. However, there are solutions to this. There are many ways to get around this.

  • Get a dress that has sleeves. If the dress doesn't have them, places like David's Bridal can put beautiful sleeves on the dress for about $100.00 more.
  • Get a formal white wedding coat to match the dress along with the accessories. I find the white furry coats with the hoods looks so dreamy and adds extra elegance to an already beautiful dress.
  • Get a Cathedral veil and elbow length white satin gloves. Not only is this method warm but sophisticated as well.

Winter Bridal Fashion

Spring Weddings

Spring is another beautiful time of the year for weddings. There are a variety of things that can be done to make a Spring wedding a blessed event. The bridal gown can be long or short, sleeve or sleeveless, with or without coat. Spring has more flexibility as with summer. The truth of the matter, winter weather still has its way of lingering into spring. At least it does for New Jersey. One spring, it snowed at the end of April and some in the middle of May. Also, it rain often in the spring, therefore the dress should be selected to withstand the weather.

Spring Collection

Summer Collection

Fall Collection

Beautiful Wedding Dresses For Full Figured Women

 I am a full figured woman and finding a dress was as easy as if I were not. Stores like David's Bridal offers dresses in plus size as well for about $100.00-$200.00 more. There is a better chance that the dress in plus size are on sale than others. I am renewing my vows and having another wedding ceremony and my dress finally went on sale. When I went to try it on, I immediately fell in love with that dress and made my purchase.

The best thing about being in a plus size dress is what can be done to it after the wedding. I plan to save my dresses for my two daughters. If they can not fit them because they are smaller than the dress size, I can always take it in. Full figured women are always looking for beautiful wedding gowns. Putting the dress on Ebay is another wonderful profitable idea. The dress may earn more that what was initially spent. Never know, I placed a few bids on Ebay for a gown and was out bid. The dress at the very top of this hubpage is a plus size dress. That was one of the dresses I sought to purchase. And one will never guess how much that dress is worth.

I've seen the same dress in local bridal boutiques for over $700.00 in regular size, in plus was $900.00. To my surprise I looked on the web and found that dress for $199.99. I thought that was a steal. Another wonderful idea is to buy the dress online. You will get it for by far less than the actual store because its coming from the warehouse. Online completely cut out the middleman that charges an arm,leg,and back for plus size wedding dresses.

Most full figured women opt not to go sleeveless which is great because some has D cups plus. They feel more comfortable with support opposed to looks. Having a strapless bra-girdle that shapes the torso will give that support. No matter how high she jumps or how low she bends, her breast will never get exposed. I speak from experience. The dress that I am wearing for my ceremony is sleeveless. I've done everything from picking up a penny off the fround to reaching up on the rack to pick out shoes and my breast stayed snugged in my dress. I'll tell you a secret. Buy the bra-girdle in a smaller size .


First Queens Royal Coronation Gala Invitation

My pictures in a plus size wedding gown.

Me in a size 22 plus size wedding gown way under $700.00
Me in a size 22 plus size wedding gown way under $700.00
King Shivon and Queen LaShonda Andrews.
King Shivon and Queen LaShonda Andrews.
Back view of the gown
Back view of the gown

Beautiful Plus Size Dress

Plus Size Dress with straps (Front View)
Plus Size Dress with straps (Front View)
The back of the dress
The back of the dress


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      jostine 2 years ago

      what's the company name or website

    • profile image

      angel 2 years ago

      I like dresess, By the time you're ready to start wedding dress shopping, you’ve probably amassed a pretty nice-sized wish list about your dream gown. Most bridal shops will only let you book an hour-long appointment. And, while one hour is plenty of time to try on dresses, if you can narrow down your options before stepping foot in the dressing room, you're in for a much more pleasant, laid-back shopping experience.

    • profile image

      Plus Size Legggings 6 years ago

      What a wonderful plus size wedding dress. You looks awesome!

    • DeBorrah K. Ogans profile image

      DeBorrah K Ogans 8 years ago

      Lady Lashonda,

      You have a beautiful array of bridal gowns here for all seasons and sizes! Wonderful!


    • viryabo profile image

      viryabo 8 years ago

      Absolutely fabulous winter collections. Wish i lived in a cold country.

    • profile image

      cheap wedding gown 8 years ago

      I love all above wedding dresses! Those plus size looked amazing~~

      Thanks for sharing. ^^

    • tranndee profile image

      tranndee 8 years ago

      Nice hub, very complete information. I really like the Winter section, you don't see these types or cloaks and dresses often.