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Five Tricks to Dressing a Pear Shape Torso

Updated on February 2, 2011

Flattering a Pear Shaped Figure

I hate telling people what to wear! But i know what is flattering for most figures, since i was trained as a Women's wear Fashion designer. Yet that doesn't make me a better judge of how a woman should dress her figure.

The only advantage my training has given me is that each figure type looks best if the right clothes are chosen to be worn. But i tell people all the time, "wear whatever you like"! The only thing is if you want to look better than your best, chose the outfit that plays up your assets.

That means wear the best cut, style, color, and accessories that makes you look and feel your best even on your worst days!

This all begins with the right undergarments - bra, panties, pantyhose and slip, which ever is necessary with the outfit you are interested in putting on for whatever event you are attending.

Choosing the right outfit, skirt suit, pant suit, dress or separates, starts the process of dressing any figure type.

These are my five trick tips and recommendations for dressing the 'pear' shaped figure. Always begin at the hardest body part first when considering what you are going to buy or wear.

Knowing you body shape is important! So this is how you recognize a 'pear' shape if you don't know yet. So, if you are not sure what is a 'pear' shaped figure remember your hips are at least five to ten inches larger than your shoulder width. FYI, this is supposedly the most common female shape.

Recognizing your shape:

1. Small well defined waist

2. Small to medium breasts

3. Narrow shoulders or shoulders narrower than your hips

4. Curvy hips and backside

5. Full thighs and calves (sometimes)

Dressing suggestions:

1. Undergarments

a. Bra - fits well, investing in a good bra is important, one that holds you well and comfortably is vital to dressing well, underwire, pushup or molded is great

b. Panty - buy what fits well, some without visible lines are excellent if you wear snug clothing but chose a few that support your curvier bottom

c. Pantyhose or tights - always chose ones that will give support, control and correct size

d. Slip for a dress or skirt

2. Colors

a. darker colors on the bottom or solids, small strips and tiny graphics on dark background

b. lighter colors on the top or prints

3. Cut / Style of clothing

a. One (1) piece dress - princess seams or bust line dart and waist dart to play up the bust and the waist. Other dress choices Empire waist, Wrap dress that flares slightly over hips

b. Blouse or top - fitted with princess seams or waist darts and bust darts or seams to play up the bust and the waist. Prints and graphics, lots of detailing

1. Sleeves

a. Wide straps

b. Puffy Sleeves

c. Fitted or Snug

2. Necklines

a. Round

b. Squared

c. Scooped

d. Draped or V'd

e. Halter top, tied or not

c. Skirts - fitted but not to tight or fitted with interesting details below the knee. A-line and slightly flared

d. Pants - wide leg, flared or boot cut these play down your hips, making them appear slimmer, straight legged, mid rise and dark pants or jeans

4. Shoes used properly elongate your frame

a. Pointed toe

b. Thinner heels

c. Open toed

5. Jackets and coats

a. Stop at the waist, just below breasts or longer than hips, balero or trench are excellent

Hints - Emphasizing your shoulders always helps to balance out your hips!



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