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Buy A Flapper Costume Dress Online

Updated on March 14, 2011
Black & gold flapper costume
Black & gold flapper costume

A flapper costume would be a wonderful choice if you have an invitation for a fancy dress party. You will find that these dresses come in all shapes, sizes and colours.

All you need to decide is the colour palette that you prefer and you will find that there will be a dress to suit the occasion.

A great way to make this task even easier is to find out what is available to buy on the internet.

Here are a few examples of the type of 1920s flapper style dresses that you can buy online from Amazon today.

Gold and Black Fringe 1920s Flapper Costume

This is a fantastic example of a dress that will really evoke the memories of the early part of the century.

This 1920s inspired flapper dress will make any women feel that they are ready to party. The basic form of the dress is made from a gold fabric and it is interwoven with black and gold fringing. With this additional fringing the length of the dress reaches to the knee.

This dress has spaghetti straps which also help to add to the feel of this specific era.

If you choose to buy this particular dress you will also get the sequin headband that is adorned with a very fancy feather.

In order to finish off the whole ensemble you would only need to add a pair of long sleeve gloves, a beautiful single strand pearl necklace and a great pair of stockings, topped off with a sexy garter.

You will definitely be the belle of any ball.

Thigh high black flapper costume
Thigh high black flapper costume

Black 1920s Flapper Dress

If you are looking for a really sexy outfit, you may like to look at purchasing this form fitting black flapper dress.

This is a thigh skimming black dress that has been made with several layers of fringing sewn on top of it in order to recreate the feel of the roaring 20’s.

This is finished off with a beautiful sequin trim along the edge.

The style of this dress is also available in a racy red that will certainly get hearts beating.

You will get a complimentary headband that is decorated with a feather sticking up from the side.

All you need is to style your hair in a bob that is reminiscent of the time or you could invest in a good wig instead.

Finish off this outfit with a pair of fishnet tights and a feather boa and you are good to go.

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