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Buy A Flapper Wig & Other Fancy Dress Accessories

Updated on March 14, 2011
Fancy dress flapper wig
Fancy dress flapper wig

Buy A Flapper Wig

If you have decided to dress as a Flapper girl for an upcoming fancy dress party, you will want to make sure that you have all the necessary accessories.  Once you have purchased or made a fantastic flapper dress costume you will need a few final touches to complete the look.

Here are a few things that you can now buy online to complete your roaring twenties fancy dress ensemble.

1920s Flapper Wig

If you are lucky enough to have hair that will let you style it in any way you wish, you may be able to recreate the fashionable hairstyle of the time without any trouble.

However, if you know that your hair will not do what you want it to do, buy a fantastic wig for your fancy dress event.

You can now buy wigs of almost any colour so you could decide to go really crazy with this idea.

You may choose to look wigs that are in a bob style with a flattering fringe or bangs to cover your forehead. Alternatively you may like to take a look at going blond for the evening.

There are some great platinum coloured wigs that are on sale for a good price.

Flapper Headband
Flapper Headband

A Flapper Feather Headband

A serious flapper girl will always be fully dressed from head to toe and this includes the hair accessories.

You can choose to make your own headband to compliment the dress that you have. All you would need to do is to buy a ribbon or use fabric that is the same colour as the dress, add a couple of feathers and you have your own homemade hair adornment.

Otherwise you can take a look online and see if there is anything that would be suitable for you to order which would take the stress and strain out of the whole thing.

You can even find really fancy headdresses with an over the top feel. This style is for the truly extrovert women out there who want everyone to know that they have arrived at the party to have some fun.

Flapper String Of Beads

Another must have is the mandatory string of beads. Every flapper girl worth her salt would never leave home without a string of pearls hanging from her neck.

If you are looking for another way to enhance your flapper costume then you can ether choose to buy a real pearl necklace or pick up some fun cheap plastic beads that will give you the same effect.


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