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Resistance To Flared Jumpsuits Is Futile

Updated on November 12, 2010

I've been warning you all for months now that the 70's is coming back to reclaim your soul, but I've often gotten the feeling that my warnings weren't being taken seriously. Sure there were fringed bags and wooden platform high heels and even pleated pants, but still people pretended as if fashion might still be moving forwards in some sense.

I now present to you the final sign of the retro-pocalypse. Kate Moss in a flared jumpsuit.

This is your future... and also your past.
This is your future... and also your past.

If you're of the opinion that Kate Moss looks something less than utterly stellar here, the next few months and years might be hard for you. Retro is coming back with a vengeance, which is great news for people who like long fluffy sideburns and fondue parties. I've discussed my personal opinion on why retro fashions are so big right now, along with a few tips on wearing aviator jackets in this article on the reason for retro. Basically you can blame this current obsession with retro trends on the war in Iraq and the global economic meltdown.

So we may as well make the best of a bad job and rock our retro threads with some kind of conviction and style. The 70's weren't so bad anyway, were they? I for one, wasn't alive during the 70's and for people like myself 2011 is going to be an excellent opportunity to recreate the decade in our own image.

There's a good chance that you, like me, have never actually tried wearing a flared jumpsuit. I can certainly say that at no time in my life has wearing a jumpsuit been socially acceptable, unless you count those first few months of life in which I, like everyone else, spent my time unaware that I was wearing clothes. Lost in a silly haze of being a baby, we weren't even aware we were separate entities from the rest of the world, let alone the fact that our top was joined to our pants in a pleasingly seamless fashion.

We can try to fight this flood of retro sentiment, but it is better to simply go with the flow. Eventually fashion will recover its senses and we will be left with many charming photographs that we'll attempt to hide from future generations. It is the circle of fashion life, and it rules us all.

Embrace the jumpsuit. Embrace the flares. Embrace flat hair and wan expressions. Embrace life.


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