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Four Eyes and Fabulous: Looking Good with Stylish Reading Glasses

Updated on November 14, 2012

Just because you have "four eyes" or a need for reading glasses doesn't mean you need to look nerdy or unfashionable. Even with your reading glasses, you can turn your attire into something sophisticated and ideal for your sense of style. Many women -- and even men -- have learned to make the most out of their stylish reading glasses and still look good even with some large, noticeable eye wear.

Being fashionable does not mean wearing expensive, branded clothing or accessories or drowning yourself in make-up and jewelry. Working with what you have and making the most of what you have currently in your closet is the true meaning of fashion. Being fashionable does not also mean looking stick-thin or being tall and lanky, or free of braces or eyeglasses. You too can look stylish and fabulous whether you have metal over your teeth or a pair of reading glasses over your eyes.

Learning to work with what you have is basically the first step to living a truly fashionable lifestyle. Be contented with what you have, do not get hooked to overspending or shopping too much, and most importantly, accept yourself and your beauty choices. For example, if you are plus-sized, do not starve yourself or result to destructive means in order to slim down. Accept yourself, your size and your height and work around that. You could start wearing dresses and foregoing slim, skin-tight clothes or wear clothes of a certain color that can give you a slimmer look, like black and other dark hues.

If you wear eyeglasses to see and pretty much consider it a daily attire staple, do not consider yourself "unfashionable". You can still rock a dress -- and any attire, for that matter -- with the help of stylish reading glasses.

You can make your reading glasses fashionable by choosing a pair that accentuates your face shape and your skin tone. With so many eyeglasses available out there, there has to be a certain shape and shade which would look good on you. It's your job to find out what that shape and shade is!

Finding the ideal frame shape for your face shape is easy and there are various guides and graphs that will help you identify what kind of reading glasses would compliment your facial features. Start off by identifying your face shape (take note, there are 5: round, square, heart, diamond, and oval), and identifying the right shades, afterwards.

Once you know what type of reading glasses you should be wearing, it will be easier for you to find the right colors and frame design, next. According to various "fashionistas", if you have a warm complexion (has yellow or brown undertones), pick frame colors that are light and natural, like gold, orange, red and pink. If you have a cool complexion (has pink undertones), it would be wise to choose dark and full colors like black, blue, amber, and several other solid hues.

If choosing the right colors for your attire is another thing which you find difficult to do, you can always use color combination websites found online to help you mix and match with materials and clothing colors.

See how helpful it is to know how to mix and match designs and colors? Use this guide to help you pick the right pair of stylish reading glasses next time so you will no longer look tacky when dressing yourself up for a casual stroll or even, a major event.


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