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Look Hip and Youthful this Fall: Fashion for Elder Women

Updated on October 16, 2012

Fall or autumn has long stood for aging and withering away of nature's youthfulness, color, and vibe; however, it does not have to mean looking old and losing your fashion sense, if you are someone in your 40's, 50's and even, in your 60's. Good fashion sense should have no age limit, and whatever your age, it is still possible to look hip and youthful with the right clothing mixes.

Your first step to looking hip and youthful this fall is to make sure your wardrobe has the right clothing accessories which may be used as accents. Clothing accents are intended to emphasize certain colors and parts of your clothing and they are often worn to give life to an otherwise bland and boring get-up. Clothing accents can be as small as jewelry brooches often pinned to the sleeve or collar of your blouse, or as eye catching as wide belts often worn by women to emphasize their small waists, or to give an illusion of a slim waistline. Anything may be used as the accent of your attire, provided its colors and style stand out from what you are wearing.

You can also use your eyeglasses or sunglasses as fashion accessories to make your attire seem more chic and hip. Stylish reading glasses have long been used as accents by celebrities. To a seemingly popular person, the eyeglasses serve as a fashion accessory that denotes mystery, popularity, and oftentimes, privacy; and aside from making their attires more hip, eyeglasses or sunglasses also tend to emphasize the hair and facial features of its wearer.

If celebrities can pull off using their eyeglasses as clothing accents, so can you. You can use your reading glasses to emphasize the shape of your face and the tone and tint of your skin. That's not all, you can also use a pair of cool reading glasses with brightly colored frames to make your overall attire more youthful and hip. It is important to learn how to choose the right pair of stylish reading glasses depending on the shape of your face and your skin tone before topping your look with a pair of eyeglasses.

Once you are familiar with the right type of frame shape for your face, you could mix and match your clothes depending on the colors of your frames. Since it is fall or autumn, it would be wise to choose colors that are present in nature, for this season. Colors such as red, blue, violet, maroon, white, grey and black would make ideal accents; however, if you consider yourself a fashion daredevil, you could wear summer or spring colors on your accents and autumn colors on your clothes.

How to Look Young Using Only Your Reading Glasses

1. Experiment with stylish or printed frames.

Printed frames are not just for teenagers to wear. There are plenty of timeless and classical frame prints which you can wear along with your formal clothing, but remember, be careful when choosing prints. Always pick designs that are age-appropriate.

2. Never conform with the rules.

Swirly metal frames are fashionable and tend to strike up a conversation. In other words, they are easily noticed and while the color of these frames are very formal, the frames themselves give off an unconventional appeal.

3. Be ahead of the pack with futuristic frames.

Feel free to play with frame styles and frame colors but make sure the designs you intend to wear are age-appropriate that are also in tune with your personality. Better yet, choose frame designs that would look good on younger and older wearers. There are many stylish reading glasses designed for all sorts of wearers, but if you are not familiar with the guidelines for choosing the right pair of eyewear, finding the right addition to your wardrobe can be a bit of a challenge!


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