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Fresh And Funky Hair Color Ideas

Updated on February 7, 2016

Girls, who have the facility and wonderful hair to boast of, love to paint the town red or season. While conventional females like their hair flowing and original; Generation Next never thinks twice about applying the hue that creates the rage. There is no shortage of hair color ideas either.

You may be a blonde or brunette; black or chestnut in original; but it is no reason why you should stop at that. Here are a couple of blonde hair color ideas:

1. You can settle for a wild blazing hair, where strands make an impression in strawberry blonde. If your face is too bright, go for a somber blonde shade, but if you have a dry face, that added zing makes your day.

2. Certain sassy blonde shades look fiery when supported by sensuous eyelashes and eye-liner work. However, just remember not to go loud with the processing.

Some Funky Hair Color Ideas

People have invented bizarre fashion dos where it won’t suit to go in a sedate fashion. You have thus to invest in a few funky hair color ideas. You can try a Rihanna or a Lady Gaga with an absolutely outrageous shade; say, crimson-red, fiery orange or psychedelic blue. Yes, you will have to go wild with the attire and accessories as well to raise eyebrows. Just remember this much that funky color needs raw attitude to carry it and if you are the next-door-neighbor type, steer away. You also have to be somewhat adaptable to your skin tone before choosing your hair color.

You can go a long way by just that added experimentation. Adding multiple shades in mix-and-match style or simply a coordination of rainbow look might be an interesting idea. You can also dabble in a few cursory streaks while letting the rest as it is, provided you have thick blonde or brunette stock at the top.

Precautions Before Using Hair Colors

You don’t want to ruin your hair just for that prom night or wild do. It is necessary that you condition your hair and then blow dry it, before going for color. Colored curls look best with a short hair cut, and thus assess whether the idea suits you. Use natural colors, typically if you have got sensitive skin. Be aware of the split ends or the actual texture of your hair; if it is too uninspiring, it may not be a good idea to color. In any case, avoid pre-bleaching as it is liable to further destroy the hair texture. These precautions will hold you good through hair color ideas.

The Idea That Stands Out

You can never be more original than the proverbial black and white. Try something notorious such as zebra stripes or spider solitaire. A rangy hair piece will add necessary flavor to your hair. Remember not to make a striking contrast though with your skin tone. You can also go for hair in black and bangs in other. Just be inventive with hair color ideas and shine through.


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