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Louis Vuitton Reanimates Full Skirts

Updated on November 12, 2010
Louis Vuitton re-imagines the full skirt.
Louis Vuitton re-imagines the full skirt.

Full skirts, they're all the rage this season, part of a wider trend of zombie fashion coming back from the graves it was put into sometime in the late 1950's.Though some of us, who were raised in the 80's and wouldn't have been seen dead in a full skirt if we'd died in one, may view this trend with suspicion, there are new, younger people hitting the age of majority all the time now, and many of them aren't aware that a full skirt was once a very shameful thing indeed.

Add to the growing numbers of new humans, the older ones who remember full skirts with fond nostalgia, and indeed, an appreciation for the charming modesty they provide, and you have a recipe for a perfect storm of trendiness. Of course, with an item of attire like a full skirt, one must be careful to ensure that one does not look like a dowdy shut in who has raided grandma's wardrobe for something to wear because the cats ate all her other clothes.

So, how do you wear a full skirt without looking like you're thirty years too late for the Grease tryouts?

Full skirts in this season aren't the solid circle skirts that were popular in the 1950's, although those skirts are also in style, which makes everything all that much more confusing. Wearing a fashionable full skirt this season means looking urbane and mature, it means embracing quality fabrics and cuts and trims, it means sensible, yet somehow intellectual patterns.

If you're looking for runway citations to lend a bit of credence to the assertion that the full skirt is in, you need look no further than the Louis Vuitton fall show, which featured full skirts teamed with skimpy tops that emphasized the bust.

The notes to hit with a full skirt this season are bust, waist and hem. One's bust should be emphasized, perhaps by merit of a low cut top, or merely a fitting bodice, one's waist should be emphasized through clean fitting skirts that sit neatly over the hips - and the hem line of the skirt should be something of a dramatic event in its own right. The wide style of the hem of a full skirt neatly provides contrast with the small waist, making you look feminine and curvy, but also slim.

So, if you've been complaining for years now that popular fashion seems intent on making you look like a woman of the night, embrace these long, full skirted trends. Long may they prosper, along with the notion of attractive, mature femininity.


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