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Get Rid Of Puffy Eyes Fast

Updated on November 28, 2010

I have always had issues with puffy under-eyes in the morning, even when I was a kid. As a child I didn't worry about it, obviously, but as I grew older it started to get on my nerves. Puffy eyes can manifest differently in different people, and in my case I always woke up looking like someone had socked me while I was sleeping. Not sexy, I assure you.

I tried everything.

I spent my 20's researching the causes and trying to find the magic product that would make me gorgeous within a few minutes of waking up. You can probably guess how successful I was. I tried creams specially formulated to soothe tired, puffy eyes. I tried gels designed to smooth tired, puffy eyes. I tried fruits, vegetables, vitamins, minerals, more sleep, less sleep, elevated-pillow sleep, eye-drops, allergy medications, increased water intake, decreased salt intake. Even if you don't see it mentioned here, I tried it.

I finally gave up.

By 30, I'd given up and just had to make a point of getting up way in advance of when I'd need to apply makeup -- cos makeup and puffy skin don't go together. And I'm not even talking about foundation, I'm just talking about regular concealer, for God's sake. Back to my point; I'd given up. I figured I ought to just be happy that I was still relatively wrinkle-free, and leave it at that. I had a makeup /makeup removal routine that I was following and it seemed to be working more than not and I just resolved to be content. And I was.

And then I discovered something amazingly obvious.

A few months ago, my work routine changed. Slowly, but surely, I started to notice a change in my undereye area. It wasn't looking as smooth as it had, and was suddenly seeming quite dry, and twice as puffy in the mornings. I couldn't put my finger on what could be causing this -- and then it suddenly made sense: I was still using the same makeup routines, but I wasn't using them as often. Considerably less, in fact. Most significantly, I was no longer using eye-makeup remover on a daily basis, because I wasn't using eye-makeup on a daily basis. Previously, I used it before going to bed and that was it. Curious, I decided to try applying it when I woke up. Voila.

The product?

Lancome's BiFacial eye makeup remover.

The results?

Miraculously, within 10 minutes of applying just a very small amount, the eye contour was totally smooth, uncreased, no sleep lines, and not a trace of puffiness. I couldn't believe I'd been using the stuff for so many years, and never tried it in this manner. But then, who would? It's sold as makeup remover, not eye de-puffer.

The cons?

Yes, one. It's feels a bit greasy, which I hate. But it's not like you have to keep it on after it's done it's job. And you really, truly only need one dab on a cotton pad to do both eyes. Lines and wrinkles start out as creased dry skin that compounds over time. No you can't stop them from coming, but why the hell not slow the buggers down?

Additional Tips For Preventing Puffy Eyes:

  1. Salt causes water retention, which can lead to puffy eyes. Decrease your salt intake if it's already high, and increase your water intake.

  2. Sleep with your head elevated.

  3. Make sure you're properly nourished; a vitamin deficiency could be to blame.

  4. Don't overlseep -- this really can do a number on your eyes.

  5. Treat allergies if you're suffering from them; they can cause this all on their own.


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