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Give Oil of Olay PRO-X Wrinkle Cream a Try!

Updated on January 27, 2014

Oil of Olay is one of the oldest and most trusted skin care lines on the market today. Graham Wulff, the founder of "Olay" started this skin care line in 1949 in South Africa and women around the world have been using it to look younger and improve the look of their skin ever since. Today, Oil of Olay is part of the Procter and Gamble family and includes skin care products such as PRO-X, Regenerist , Total Effects and Olay Vitamins…just to name a few. Oil of Olay's current slogan (which I'm sure you have heard) is "Love the Skin You're In."

One of the latest Oil of Olay product lines to hit the beauty market is the PRO-X Series which includes PRO-X Deep Wrinkle Treatment, PRO-X Age Repair Lotion (with SPF 30) and PRO-X Wrinkle Smoothing Cream. The slogan of this skin care line is…Potent. Proven. Professional. Not bad as far as marketing slogans go!

Great Products - Often Hard to Find in Stores!

PRO-X skin wrinkle creams (better known as Olay Professional Pro-X Intensive Wrinkle) were born out of a collaboration between dermatologists and Olay professionals. They performed eight weeks of clinical trials in order to prove that the protocol was, in fact, as powerful as the leading prescription brand wrinkle reducer. That's impressive! All you have to do to improve the look of your skin is use the products on a daily basis (along with a SPF moisturizer). Trust me, you will save money as the PRO-X skin care products are much cheaper (at least half the cost of prescription creams) and you will like the results!

Olay's PRO-X Intensive Wrinkle Protocol contains three key products (as mentioned above) and is available at drugstores or online. I suggest doing a simple internet search as you can often find great prices (due to high competition). The Olay PRO-X Deep Wrinkle Cream is absolutely wonderful! My wife has a friend that absolutely LOVES it and is trying to convince her to give it a try. I told her to "go for it" after all, if it really works she will be one happy, wrinkle free, camper! The deep wrinkle treatment combats aging (love it!) and skin dehydration (I can't stress enough how IMPORTANT it is to moisturize your skin!). All of the ingredients that you will find in PRO-X work together to increase cell renewal, strengthen your skin and of course increase hydration (all of which are very important if you want fresh, glowing, soft skin!). Though not guaranteed, Oil of Olay states that you should see improvements in just 28 days! Not bad!

I cannot stress enough the importance of proper skin care, especially as you age! Trust me, it is NEVER too late to begin a skin care program…so why not start with products that you know and trust! Oil of Olay has been around for over FIFTY YEARS…they must be doing something right! Here's to healthy skin and of course, NO WRINKLES! Good luck!


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      Catherine Joseph 7 years ago

      I have an oily skin and a wrote to olay for a sample of total effects and at present I am using the same I can find some change If I use pro-x wrinkle cream is it good for my skin type and will the dark markes go away which was caused

      due to pimples. What changes can I see if I use pro-x cream.