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Goth Fashion, Gothic Corset

Updated on June 25, 2014

Popularity of Gothic Corsets

One of the must haves for Goth fashion with the ladies is a Gothic corset, as they are among the more popular items for Goth women who really enjoy the vintage clothing of years ago.

It's fascinating to see what some women consider one of the more uncomfortable pieces of clothing from the past, embracing it today in a way that represents the subculture they participate in.

The growing number of people buying Goth clothing fashion is rising, and even if they aren't Goth in lifestyle, they like the style and statement made through Goth fashion.

As a result, Goth corsets have expanded to include some in the mainstream, which has created opportunities for Goth designers to expand their lines and offer corsets in all types of styles and sizes.

While Goths in general find all this somewhat amusing, they don't like it when those on the fringe of the subculture pretend they're in it.

Non-Goths can't identify those like this, but Goths can spot a pretender from far off.

No matter though, whether by their approval or not, Goth corsets and other fashion is now a large part of the fashion industry and it's not going to change for a long time - if ever.

Gothic Red Lace Corset

Goth Leather Corset

This seems like one of those instances where the corset is Goth but the model isn't. Obviously this means they're marketing to women outside the Gothic subculture, as if it looked to Goth it would limit the size of the potential customers.

Still, a nice corset.

Leather Goth Corset

One of the more popular Gothic corsets

This nice Gothic corset below is among the more popular desired by women, and you can see why.

While the woman modeling it is beautiful and obviously makes it look good, that's not the reason it's popular, it's just a nice, clean and sexy looking corset that is simple but elegant.

Popular Black Goth Corset

Unique purple Gothic Corset

I included this corset, because while the model isn't believable, it is a really nice looking corset, and for those who love the color purple it's a great addition to any wardrobe. I think Gothic women and non-Gothic women would both like this.

The rest of the Gothic ensemble is very cute as well.

Purple Goth Corset

Cute Lolita Gothic Corset

This Lolita Gothic corset is very cute, unique and attractive. It works well with the cute skirt and stockings, and is a lot of fun and flirty.

Asian men particularly like this particular look, although I'm sure more than a few non-Asian men wouldn't be put off by it in any way.

Black Lolita Goth Corset

Vintage Gothic Corset

While all corsets are vintage in look in general, this one has a nice feel of a period piece. I think it's the red that reminds you of day gone by; as do the black sleeves.

Gothic corset and an entire outfit

Here's one very busy Gothic look which includes the corset and a lot more to go with it. While it's a little too busy to me, I included it because it offers so many possibilities for those who would use less but borrow from some of the Goth fashion ideas shown with the outfit and accessories.

Gothic Corset and the rest

Gothic fashion popularity continues to grow

As you can see why from these beautiful Gothic corsets, Gothic fashion popularity continues to grow, and even though women not connected to the subculture love only parts of the style, they like it enough to make it a hot and growing fashion category.

Gothic women of course like this as well because it offers them more variety and fashion styles as Goth fashion increases in acceptance.


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    • poetryman6969 profile image

      poetryman6969 4 years ago

      It's very good to see that they are making corsets for big girls too!

    • thegothcode profile image

      thegothcode 7 years ago from London

      really very beautiful collocation of Gothic corsets.

      I loved your this hub.

    • profile image

      google gothic 8 years ago

      Hello there,

      Can you add "google gothic" in gothic resources if you like it?

      I've just finished this website the address is