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Great Hair Products for Permed Hair

Updated on January 23, 2012

I have really straight hair naturally, and about three years ago I decided to put a perm in it. So I just got one of those at home do-it-yourself perm kits, which is fine but I noticed a HUGE difference in my hair afterwards. Where before I could just shampoo and condition my hair and it be silky smooth, but now it was dry and frizzy all the time. It had to be the perm right? Because the chemicals actually strip your hair "DNA" so to speak and put a new one in. Those chemicals have to be are harsh, so I went out to try to repair my hair and get the silky smooth texture back, but keeping the perm in tact.

I first started using tresseme mousse flawless curls. Now this got rid of the frizz, but gave my hair that crunchy look that I just wasn't satisfied with. It also didn't do any repair, so my hair was still really dry. I started to do some research and decided to try John Frieda products. My first product to try was the full repair shampoo and conditioner. It's safe for chemically treated hair, and it had repair right on the name. Just what I was looking for. The first time I used it I noticed a dramatic difference. My hair felt smoother, and didn't look as frizzy. I blow dry my hair a lot so I started to look for heat protectants and found three products that have done my hair justice. When I'm blow drying and keeping my hair curly I use all three, but when I'm going to straighten my hair I use only one. So the first product I use is Got 2 Be guardian angel. It's for blow drying specifically. The second I put in when my hair is dripping wet, and it feels a lot like an oil, it's called Frizz-ease thermal protection hair serum, and it's by John frieda. I also put this in when I'm using any type of heat on my hair. When I'm blow drying to leave my hair curly, the third product I use is Frizz-ease dream curls curl perfection spray, also by John Frieda. All of these have done wonders on my hair, but it was still looking a little drab, so I started studying up on leave in conditioners and found Got 2 Be soothing luster lotion leave in conditioner. And it was amazing. I was afraid it would leave my hair oily, so I only put it on the skirt of my hair. Which is the bottom part of the hair, what basically dangles in the ponytail. After using it I finally had my old hair back with a curly style.

My routine may not be for everyone, but during my research I found John Frieda, who actually has a quiz on how your hair is, and how to get it healthy. It actually recommends what type of products would be best for you to use. So I encourage you to try that out, and good luck! I hop I helped a little bit.


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