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How To Save Money On Your Hair And Hair Products

Updated on August 11, 2012

How to Save Money on Your Hair and Hair Products

It might seem like a silly place to try and trim costs but actually if you're into analyzing where your money goes every month, it pays to take a look at the high cost of hair care and hair products.

It seems that we're fixated on how we look (which is cool) but does it have to cost so bloody much money to be one of the beautiful people? 

If you consider that a haircut and coloring can run you upwards of $65, it's worth looking at ways to save on this necessity of life for most of us - especially we folks who aren't spring chickens anymore!

Let's take a look at a few simple things that you can do to cut the high cost of taking care of your hair....and the drain that we throw our money down when it comes to hair products!

photo by audrey kirchner
photo by audrey kirchner


Less is more. Most people use twice as much shampoo and conditioner as they need. So using a smaller portion means you spend 50% less or your products will last twice the time. If we do the math, this is a 50% savings no matter how you look at it! Usually a dab will do the job so let's remember a little dab 'll do ya!

Don't wash that man right out of your hair! Extend the life of your color. Washing your hair every day can strip your hair of color before its time. Switching to washing every other day will prolong your color longer. Even if you don't use hair color, you save half the products from washing your hair and half the water by switching to washing your hair every other day.

Cut it out - cut smart. If you regularly get a haircut every 4-5 weeks, extend it out by a week or even longer. You may save only 3-4 haircuts per year by doing this but with tip included, you could save a substantial chunk of change. Most reputable hairdressers do bang cuts free in between haircuts.

Go long. The shorter your hair is, the more often you may require cuts or touch-ups.

Ditch a service. Cutting out 1 service on your hair can save you hundreds of dollars over a year's time. If you have a perm for instance, highlights, low-lights, or straightening, these services cost a substantial amount per service. Think about reducing your hair needs by 1 service and see how much you save in a year's time. (Your hair may also thank you because over time, all those services take a toll on your hair shaft.)

The right stuff. Use the right products. Using the wrong product for instance on colored hair will fade your color prematurely and so will not save you money. Make sure that you research the right products for your hair, then use them conservatively (only as much as you need). Also price compare and get the best price for your products.

You're not cheap - you're frugal. Ask about discounts. Many salons offer discounts for seniors, or discounts on certain days of the week or times when they might be slow - and some even do punch many haircuts and you get 1 free. Don't be afraid to ask! Some salons even give free services for referrals or discounts on multiple services.

Color my world. Use a color about 2-3 shades nearest your own natural color. This minimizes fadeout becoming noticeable and can give you a longer life on your color products. The fadeout won't show as quickly and you won't feel the urge to rush in for a touchup.

Go back to school - beauty schools. Even if you're tickled to death with your hairdresser but you want to have other services and you simply can't afford them all at the same salon, have some of them done at the beauty school near you. I keep my hairdresser but have a pedicure done at the beauty school or an eyebrow wax if I need to because the price is half what I would pay at the salon. I can save money on something else but I can still get my regularly scheduled color and cut where I want.

Tools of the trade - beauty products. Most beauty product stores are open to the public. Check prices also at places like Sam's Club, Costco and other discount stores. Any products that you need will probably be available at beauty product stores. It's worth a trip to check out the prices. You can also pick up great stuff like curling irons, hot rollers, etc. for way less than you'd pay elsewhere.

How To Save Money on Your Hair and Hair Products

These aren't rocket science money-saving tips but they do work.  Especially if you have kids and you're paying a lot for their haircuts, sometimes it can seem expensive to work in your own hair needs.

By applying these tips though, you can still budget in your hair care needs and afford your hair products without blinking an eye. 

If you have more hair care money saving tips, please share them here and enrich the hub. 

These days, it's all about saving money where we can and I look forward to some new ideas being shared as well!

Ways to Save Money on Your Hair in the Salon


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